Whatever happened to Acronis?

  UncleP 21:14 30 Nov 2009

When I was last a regular visitor to the site, these forums were full of support and praise for Acronis disk imaging software. Small wonder that when I decided to update my back-up system earlier this year I bought the latest version, ATI Home 2009.

I didn't get round to installing it until about two months ago. I was a little surprised about the need for a 64-digit serial number, but as I needed it up and running, very carefully typed it in and double checked it. 'Invalid serial number' it replied. I tried again, with the same result.

There was a leaflet in the box which said that, if you went to their website, you only needed to enter the first 16 digits and they would e-mail you by return the complete serial number, which you could copy and paste into the appropriate installation box. I tried that, waited three or four days, but no serial number appeared. I tried again, with the same result.

I e-mailed Acronis in mid-October with the details of my problem. By return I received a standard note which said little more than 'we've assigned your case a number', and little else. I contacted them again a week or two later, but have heard nothing more to date.

The program installed of course overwrote the earlier version, so I'm now backing up the most important files individually. And if the hard disk goes, I'm in real trouble. So I'm looking for a simple straightforward replacement from among their competitors, preferably that doesn't need a 64-digit serial number and does have decent customer service. Any suggestions?

  six-h 21:59 30 Nov 2009

<<I was a little surprised about the need for a 64-digit serial number>>
lol ! pardon my mirth, I too meticulously typed in my number, checked and re-checked it only to get the same response.
It took me two weeks of turgid communication with Acronis to eventually get it accepted.
However, despite their lethargic support, I would not feel comfortable with another product!

  Woolwell 22:37 30 Nov 2009

But the latest version is ATI Home 2010.

  BRYNIT 22:49 30 Nov 2009

When I had problems using an older version of ATI with my Medion Computer due to the recovery disk not recognizing all available drives I decided to try Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 Free Edition click here As it as free and does what I require I haven't bothered with ATI.

  Pine Man 09:46 01 Dec 2009

When you buy acronis you can register it and then when you log onto their site all of your copies are listed with the relevant codes. It is merely a matter of copy & paste.

  UncleP 11:21 01 Dec 2009

My thanks to all for your replies and interest. I bought the program early in the year, when it was the current version. The delay in installing it arose from major family problems, and the fact that the earlier version of ATI was still performing adequately. I haven't mentioned the time I've spent since installing ATI2009 in trawling through the Acronis website and forums, trying to find a cure for these problems - as I said, with a total lack of assistance from their customer service dept.

Yes, I've registered the software, and what do you think? The serial number associated with the product is exactly the same as the one provided in the box. Copy and paste it, and the program comes back with 'invalid serial number' yet again.

I've been working with computers since they had valves in them, and this is the first time I've met a product which is completely unuseable, and whose suppliers show not the slightest interest in attempting to solve the problem. So I repeat my question 'whatever happened to Acronis?'.

BRYNIT: thanks for your suggestion, I've had a look at the website, and it seems to do most of the things I require. It also appears to be well recommended in recent reviews.

  KremmenUK 15:27 01 Dec 2009

Surprised no one mentioned Ghost yet. Been using for years without a single problem.

  Input Overload 17:00 01 Dec 2009

I've used True Image since version 6 & in my opinion it's the most impotent program on my PC. it takes less than 10 minutes to image & less to restore. I think it's brilliant. I upgraded to version 2010 last week & it's faster & smoother.

  six-h 17:30 01 Dec 2009

<<it's the most impotent program on my PC>>
Hope that's a typo Input Overload!!;o)

  Diemmess 17:44 01 Dec 2009

I spent more time, frustration and bad temper, re-installing W98 and a self induced SCSI problem before I learned about "scanreg /restore" than all the backup methods have cost me since then.

(The following are purely personal and predjuced views)
There was Ghost but it became untidy as Symantec "bloated it" and the old version I had was ineffective on later OSs

Most disappointing was HyperOs which went to town on multi systems based on the simplest installation of 98SE, and other elaborations and OS's all available on one HD, but was very poor on support and lost the plot after XP arrived.
By this time they were deeply into expensive solid state RAM.

Acronis was new to me but this forum had nothing but praise, and I bought version 10.

Acronis works well all the time for me though I think it is best kept for the single purpose of backup and restore using only the default settings.

I wonder if Ghost is running out of ideas to "improve" as did HyperOS. If the thing works, why try and decorate it?

The need to stay in business means ever more upgrades, otherwise sales fall as the market becomes saturated.

  Input Overload 18:13 01 Dec 2009

six-h :-)

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