What is WRONG with PC World???

  Quadlad 17:30 29 Jul 2006

what seems to be wronge with pc world ?!?

lots of people advise me not to buy there becuse its rubish and not good for you £££.

i have seen the PC's and there specs, and they seems to be better than most other pcs.

is it that they used to be very expensive but they had a turn around but still have the "bad" stamp mark on there head?

What do you know?

what do you think?

please post your thorghts.

p.s i have been eyeing up this PC from PC world - a FUJITSU SIEMENS 3903 INTEL PENTIUM D 940 PROCESSOR + 19" TFT FLAT PANEL MONITOR heres the link for the spec click here
tell me what you think about it, becuse people telling me PC worlds so "bad" and it has detured me alittle.


  bremner 17:33 29 Jul 2006

There is nothing wrong per se with PCW.

They offer good products often at excellent prices. Generally you will pay more than online but that is to be expected for the convinience.

IMO PCW often lets itself down by poor staff training and poor customer relations.

However this has never stopped me picking up a bargain or something I needed quickly.

  irishrapter 18:22 29 Jul 2006

I use to work for PCW as a technician, yep those grumpy people behind the service desk!

PCW can have some good package deals on PC’s from time to time.
They can sometimes have good deals on printers and networking gear to.
But they mostly make their money from accessories and consumables not to mention the extra warranty cover!

Do not take out any extra cover on anything! Not just in PCW but any electrical stores.
I was told from the managers and saw it first hand that the extra cover is a load of rubbish and is not needed. You are covered under consumer rights law.

If you buy a computer at say £1000 you would expect at least three years without it having a hardware fault. (not software)
If after the first year the computer has a hardware fault you can get it fixed, of course they will tell you they cannot fix it as its out of warranty. You simple file a claim in the small claims court. 99 percent of the time they will fix the fault when they receive the notice of intended claim from the courts.

Things not to buy at PCW would be the likes of printer cartridges, cables, some types of software and blank CD/DVD’s.
If buying a printer there will be no USB cable with it, buy the USB cable online for about 4 or 5 pounds, not 12 to 15 pounds at PCW!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:33 29 Jul 2006

Ask to buy a computer without the TFT screen...you will be surprised at the saving!


  sean-278262 18:40 29 Jul 2006

Well with PC world being part of the DSG chain of stores most people in the know would tend to avoid them due to the numerous mal practices that occur with them. People have in the past purchased systems as new and find that the real first owner has left them lovely preinstalled pornographic material and such forth. They also prove to often be very stubborn when it comes to help and support and returns can be a nightmare.

I usually use them for bargains only, but have been known to go there to gauge the competition and in dire emergencies where I just need a part asap.

  Forum Editor 18:48 29 Jul 2006

depends to some extent on you.

I think that a lack of personal judgment is often at the root of some of the complaints we see here, and not just where PC World is concerned.

In an ideal world all shops would be staffed by friendly, efficient men and women who know everything about every possible combination of hardware and software. They would sell us exactly what we wanted at the right price,always have everything in stock, always admit being in the wrong, even when they weren't, and nothing would ever mar the perfect retail experience. Until that world is a reality we have to make do with what we have, and what we have in PC World is a major UK business, based on computers and computing. The company sells hundreds of thousands of items every week, and the vast majority of those transactions go without a single hitch - happy customers go away with good products that work properly from day one, and continue to do so.

Now and then something goes wrong, and when it does you are faced with the PCW customer-service response. It isn't always what it should be, and there's no point in pretending otherwise, but.....keep in mind that there are very few companies selling the volume of products that PCW sells in a store-based way. By that I mean that there's a world of difference between an online business, like Amazon, for instance, and one where every customer walks through the door and talks to at least one staff member. When probems arise it's often the customer who can make or break the experience in terms of satisfaction. I know from experience here, in the forum, that many confrontations could easily have been avoided, given a little less aggression on the part of the aggrieved customer.

That isn't to say that PCW world staff are never wrong, they are, and often, but that doesn't mean that the entire company is fit only for the firing squad. Use your own judgment when making your buying decision, and keep one thing in mind - you have some very powerful protection in the shape of the UK consumer laws, and if things do go wrong, well, you know where to come for help and advice.

  oresome 19:31 29 Jul 2006

PC World is a highly sucessful company which demonstrates that it must be serving the vast majority of it's customers well.

Enthusiasts in a particular field are never likely to be satisfied with a mass market offering and PC World is probably not for them.

As with all things in life, do your own research before buying.

  puma22 20:41 29 Jul 2006

Do your research! I did it for my PC and was tempted by PCW, but found a better deal on-line.
When I wanted a flat screen LCD Tv, again did the research on-line to find out what i wanted. PCW were almost the best price (they were undercut by about £30) but the joy of being able to pick it up and not wait a week for delivery (and able to dump it back on them if there were problems) far outweighed the saving.
So again, do the reserch first.

  irishrapter 20:58 29 Jul 2006

I agree with the forum editor that the customer can be the problem.

Like I said in my last post I have worked in PC world as a technician and the many times I have had people coming in and complaining about this product and that product. Sure there are sometimes that equipment does go faulty but the customer nearly always takes the position that it’s the stores fault and not the manufacture.
The number of times that I have heard the line, “Why does PCW sell faulty goods?”
PCW sells tens of thousands of pounds of equipment per week per store, it’s inevitable that some of these goods are going to fail. The more you sell the bigger the chance that you will sell a faulty product.

There are also rules to follow on returning faulty items, some of these are PCW’s rules and some are the manufactures returns policy. These should be looked at before purchasing some products.

A lot of the time most of the returns that I dealt with were the fact that the person has bought the wrong product, they may have well been advised incorrectly I can’t say, or they simply can not configure the product.
People have bought wireless AP’s thinking that they can plug in their USB modems!
Or have bought a wireless ADSL modem router only to find out that they have cable broadband and not ADSL!

The big rule in PCW is 28 days. If you buy something you can return it within 28 days for any reason. (Except software and games)

I will give you all a tip, be nice to the staff. I know it can be frustrating when you have to return something, but remember that the person who you are taking to do does not make the product. They probably didn’t even sell you it! They are there to help you. If you be nice and polite then you will be better served!
Trust me I have dealt with the shouters and screams and I made sure that they got no were when dealing with me. I stuck by the rules!
The nice customers (and there were some) were dealt with appropriately, even if they were late on returning something by a few days you could always help them out.

  Cybermaxx 20:58 29 Jul 2006

Apart from a £5 Akasa system exhaust, all my PC World purchases have been sale items. It's convenient sometimes to buy from them. Not a place for the unwary/uninformed, though.

  josie mayhem 00:44 30 Jul 2006

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with PCW, but over all I will say that if any problems they will try to help, sadly how much help is given will depend of staff!

I've had a staff member who didn't know what they were talking about, but then again I've had a problem with a build which ment that you know that there is a peice of kit that isn't working, but unless you can test each bit, motherbord, cpu, memory then you're in a bit of trouble. They lent me space in the repair shop to reslove this issue, and then replaced the faulty part.

At the end of the day I do shop there, because I know that if anything goes wrong I can take it back....

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