What is wrong with PC Option?

  yewing 20:51 09 Apr 2009

Having read numerous bad posts and having dealt with them myself and wishing to all deities that I hadn't I ask Mr Muir to explain why he thinks it appropriate to respond to polite and legitimate emails with profanity? Mr Editor this can be evidenced in case you want to see it.

My story is shocking - spent a small fortune on a state of the art pc (well supposed to be) never worked from the minute I got it, despite going back twice and Mr Muir begging me to remove my legitimate opinions I am still with a PC that I cannot get to work. In fairness after the last return a few months back personal circumstances overtook me (twin children born), however the adaptor that was in the box when I returned it was not when I cut through the tape on the box last week.

Mr Muir's WRITTEN response - "We don’t have any spares in stock. I’m surprised after all the s**t you gave us that you haven’t used the system for nearly 6 months", he then goes on to accuse me of lying and that I called his staff and lastly to go ans source one from the internet - why when I paid you for one should I have to fork out again.

You are a disgrace and people should know about you and steer well clear of your company.

  iscanut 22:42 09 Apr 2009

Welcome to the fan club !!

  Forum Editor 23:41 09 Apr 2009

with this company, and of course you're far from being the first person to complain about Mr. Muir's attitude towards people who complain. We have many instances on record, and although I obviously have no way of verifying any particular individual's comments it seems extremely unlikely that everyone is making it all up.

I have personally been on the receiving end of more than one threat of legal action by Mr. Muir, who has emailed me on several occasions to warn me that he is going to take me to court/inform the police if I do not desist from allowing his customers to complain in our forum. I have no intention of allowing myself to be bullied into compliance in that way however, and anyone with a legitimate complaint about poor customer service may feel perfectly free to share their experience here.

If we can help by way of explaining possible remedies under the terms of current consumer legislation we will do so.

  yewing 07:27 10 Apr 2009

Forum Editor

He cannot do anything about these posts, free speech as well as telling the truth. Does it not say everything about him and his pathetic company that he feels he has to threaten you to take down legitimate complaints?

I am not surprised that he threatens you, his manner is something else. However it will soon be him on the receiving end from my lawyers and he will wish to god he had never thought to tangle with me.

I will keep you all up to date with the saga as it unfolds.

Alternatively Mr Muir could just, for once, act with some semblance of care and sort my problems??

Are you listening Mr Profanity? How about sorting my problems instead of giving me your usual standard of s**t customer care and lies?

Just in case you have recenly joined us PC Option and your hard earned cash do not make comfortable bed fellows, stay away!!!!!!!

  Forum Editor 09:37 10 Apr 2009

I can understand your irritation, but please stick to the facts - no personal insults and no words with asterisks.

  iscanut 10:27 10 Apr 2009

Bear in mind that another of our Forum members won a Small Claims Court case against this company last January but is still waiting for financial settlement !

  yewing 10:43 10 Apr 2009

I apologise if I went too far, not sure where the personal insult is though? I assume you Mean Mr P...... I am merely trying to inject some humour into a particularly upsetting episode for me. He swore at me, hence the nickname, I feel it rather suits him?

The word I have asterisked was censored from the original email, which you can see if you wish.

iscanut - companies like this need the Watchdog treatment, can we start a movement, thinking a Facebook group or even via here????

  Forum Editor 11:18 10 Apr 2009

Bear in mind that when entering any dispute or negotiation it's always an advantage to remain cool, calm, and collected - let your opposition make the mistakes.

In another thread you made reference to the fact that you asked for a full refund under the 7 day rule, but that it was not forthcoming. I asked you to post details of dates, etc., there, but it might be better to keep it all under one roof, so to speak, and post the information here. Then I (or someone else) will tell you what your options are.

  Forum Editor 11:20 10 Apr 2009

I'm not interested in starting any movements in the forum - we prefer to take each case of a dispute with a supplier on its merits, and deal with it in its own thread.

  yewing 16:37 10 Apr 2009

Hi Ed thanks, just so you are aware I am a Dispute Resolution specialist and also am considered an expert in Dispute Avoidance. Avoiding disputes requires among other things Trust, however the trust placed in PCO by many is misplaced and totally lost on Mr Muir as he only cares about himself and his profits.

His relationships with his customers as can be evidenced throughout the net are poor because his behaviour is poor, ironically if he were man enough to admit mistakes and right wrongs he would immediatley see a change in his fortunes, until then..............

Mr Muir - nobody cares until they know you care!!!

Start practising accountability and show some integrity man, its really uplifting and will make sense for your bottom line in the long run. I know, I am a very successful businessman who is respected for my trustworthiness and integrity - why? My behaviour.

  tullie 20:21 10 Apr 2009

How come he has still got a job,or is it his company?

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