What would happen if ? self build insurance

  jospar 12:35 22 May 2003

I,m asking this because, when it is suggested that computer are put on the household insurance, it is susposed that the computer is a stardard shop brought system, so can easily be replaced with the same.

I build my own systems, so extended warenties do not normanlly apply, except on idividual components, and I don't bother with this.

So do insurance companies insure my self build computer?

If yes, what sort of restrictions apply?

If a claim was made, could I rebuild myself, or would a shop have to do it for me, or would I be inforced to purchase a bog standard shop brought machine

Last but least, If I made a claim would I end up with months of arguing over wheather it was covered or not, because I may/or haven't installed something correctly or the accident could be concidered as an act of god ect.

I would be interested if some could gave some pointers on these.

  Djohn 12:46 22 May 2003

Most insurance company's these days tend to re-place with an "Item" from one of the bigger well known stores, Rather than give you the cash to self purchase.

I think that with self-build it would be a good idea to keep receipts of all components bought. At least this will prove a replacement value. As for labour cost in self-build, I don't think they will cover this.

The only sure way is to make a phone call to your insurance company and ask. Also request a reply in writing, Mail/e-mail. J.

  -pops- 14:34 22 May 2003

I always build my own machines and I always have them on household contents insurance. The actual cover you get is something you arrange with your insurers to your requirements.

As Djohn says, discuss it with your insurers and you are certain to get a good deal from them - much better than an extended warranty!!!!


  Mango Grummit 16:50 22 May 2003

Other people I talk to seem to claim on their insurance as a matter of course. Paint spilt on the carpet, no probs - new carpet etc.

Twice I've tried to claim.

First time a whole row of fitted units fell from the wall in the kitchen and smashed not only the contents but a valuable tea service which had just been in use. That house I had lived in for six years, the fittings were there upon purchase. Insurance company said this was not an accident in the accepted sense. They went on to say that if, on the claims form, I had stated someone hung heavily on a door and pulled the fittings down, then the claim would have been an accident and accepted as such and I would have been paid out.

The second time my business was burgled. Police took finger prints, gave me a crime number and a report on how entry was gained. Insurance company would not pay as there was no signs of "forced entry". You can see where they were coming from there!!

For many years now I have only had building insurance (no business now, sons have it, and welcome :o) -- not had to test this for a claim so I don't know if I've been wasting my money.

One thing for sure though, the money I have saved on "household/contents" insurance would completely refurnish and replace white goods etc. several times over.

I honestly believe most people are over insured. Throttle back and save your money. But do save it -- you never know!



  jospar 20:03 22 May 2003

I know what you mean, I've never been sucessful on claims either,

1st claim, was on my husbands bike, which was an extention on our house insurance, if it had been pinched from my gareden respective wheather it was locked or not they would of paid up, but he had it nicked from the care home, which has alramed doors ect, on his birthday no chance, even the compay insurance only offered £25 quid, there totaly after excess and depreiation? But work did send out to buy a new bike, and footed the bil out of there pocket.

The only other time was My car along with two other parked near it, was written off by a drunk/driver, he was arrested 9.30 that night (wed) and held until he was questioned, which didn't start until 3.30 pm on the Friday, can't question someone until they pass a bratherlizer! He was charged the only unsure thing about his pending conviction was wheather he was going down or would just loss his lience. No-one else involved in the incident only him, so nohing else to sort. My car was totaled, didn't need a expet to tell that, it ended up 10 ft down the road, inbeded into steve boot and the passenger side was a good foot shorter than the diver side, with a rally neat ripel effect across the roof! six ruddy months I argued for my money!

So when it comes to insurance of any kind I'm very wary as I found they say one thing but really it means something different!

p.s The chap who I do know his name, got banned from driving for 2 years, was assessed for prison sentence, but sob story his wife had just left him, sad !! at that time my parner had just walked out leaving me heavy in debt did I go to the Pub, no, I spent the next 6 years slogging my guts out and doing with out to pay the debts off so that I now can hold my head high.

Sorry about the gripe but it still gets to me, those where very hard lean years.

  spuds 23:36 22 May 2003

[1]Keep an inventory of the prices and parts used plus receipts.[2]Try to photograph the components in assembly stage.[3] Seek written advice/confirmation from your insurance company.

You will find that most household insurances would cover a computer and additional equipment, usually to a fixed amount.But should you make a claim on a self build,then the insurance company will no doubt ask many questions before considering any claims.Best to be wise before the event !!.

  jospar 00:34 23 May 2003

I hadn't thought about taking photo's of the inurds, shall be getting my digital camera out.

Checked my reciepts ealier, and was quite suprised how much I've spent, but I did to it in stages, worked out what I wanted then, worked out how I could build it, with keeping my computer on line.

But this weekend I think I might to some tapping on the net, and prehaps to some footwork around town, because I must really get some insurance, I think I've been pushing my luck a little bit far.

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