What Work Could A Disabled Person Do?

  Big L 266 08:48 18 Aug 2010


I live in Lincolnshire,U.K.

I have multiple osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and have been off work for the past 8 years.There is nothing that can be done for either condition but I'm left very tired,unable to walk far or sleep properly and rarely venture far due to pain, balance and dizzy spells.

I would still like to do paid work.I have my computer,an internet connection of 15/18meg,and my brain still functions.I am sick to death of not working but cannot go to work because of many mobility difficulties.I have reasonable computer skills but don't consider myself an expert.

I would like some recommendations, suggestions, ideas and general thoughts from all of you reading this thread as to what work I can do from my home.All ideas will be very warmly welcomed.

Thank you very much for your kind help.I do hope you can help end these increasingly boring days at home and the huge amount of time I have on my hands.All I ask is that your suggestions are for paid not voluntary work.

Thank you again.

Big L 266

  Chris the Ancient 09:44 18 Aug 2010

If you have a good standard of English, can you offer yourself to smaller publishing or web design companies as a proof reader?

  Terry Brown 10:36 18 Aug 2010

Do you have any book keeping (accountancy) skills.

There are a lot of companies who require someone to do their accounts/ wages, but do not need a full time person.

This would require either a delivery from the company (by secure carrier or personal or possibly a friend could collect)of the company reciepts and related documents to your house, where you would sort and computerise (excel) the expenses or you may need a accounts package.

You would require secure storage space for these documents, and you would need to keep your own records for Tax Purposes.

You could have several companies on your books,( with seperate accounts for them all).


  dastardly mutt 13:51 18 Aug 2010

Contact your local Jobcentre. They may still employ Disability Employment Advisors who may be able to help. Alternately, the Jobcentre could refer you to a contracted "provider" (not for profit organisations)whose advisors could help you.

  flycatcher1 14:30 18 Aug 2010

Congratulations on your attitude to life.
I hope that comments on this Forum will be of help to you.

  Kevscar1 15:03 18 Aug 2010

Big L 266

Hope you find something I've been looking but with all your problems + limited use of the right hand can't find anything I can do.

  Terry Brown 21:00 18 Aug 2010

Just a thought

Quite a few people seem to use EBAY as a way of making money, and it does not need a lot of physical activity.

have you thought of trying it, if nothing else it is another interest.

  Big L 266 08:39 19 Aug 2010


Thank you very much for all your kind replies and suggestions which I'll bear in mind.

C The A....I do have a good level of English and I have helped Arthritis Care out with a brochure they were producing.I did try proof-reading but the JobCentrePlus changed my course to a cheaper one which had plenty of reading but no exercises to send off and have marked by a tutor.I couldn't get on with the course they sent.It took two years,many phone calls,several letters to my MP,an internal JCP investigation and ministerial involvement to get what was an abject failure.

T.B.....Sadly I have no accountancy skills whatsoever. If I had,I would loved to have done this kind of work at home.I like the eBay idea as this was where I sold off most of my cd collection a few years ago.

Dastardly M....I did go down this route with a D.E.A. from JCP some years ago.I went into great detail about immobility, pain, constant tiredness, dizzy spells, and associated problems.He wanted me to work part time at a job 11 miles away which involved a 30 minute bus ride and a 700 yard walk.He didn't listen to a word said to him and just wanted me off his books.A case of an able-bodied person telling a disabled person what they should be doing.I was hoping for better things from JCP but it didn't happen.

flycatcher....Thank you for that.I won't let the two forms of arthritis I have get the better of me despite their best efforts sometimes!

kevscar....If I do find anything suitable for myself in these coming months,I'll let you know and hopefully will be able to direct you somewhere suitable for your disability.

Thank you all for your kind help again.

Big L 266

  Kevscar1 12:44 19 Aug 2010

Terry Brown

EBAY is not so easy to make a living unless you are an estabished business or fit and able.
First you have to have a supplier of something that will sell well and regularily. Neither Big L 266 or I are capable of going traipsing round carboots looking for things to sell or going to wholesalers. Don't know about Big L but the DVLA took my licence away so couldn't anyway.
Secondly any sales you make have to be wrapped, which I can't do then tranported to the Post Office no way for me to do that, or we would have to find a courier company to collect and that would mean higher P & P putting you above the other sellers who can just pop to the PO once or twice a day.

  Clapton is God 13:34 19 Aug 2010

If you're aged between 18 and 35 have a look at click here

This is a Surrey-based charity which provides training for disabled people to help them get back into the workplace. Training is available to all, irrespective of where you live.

Funding for the training comes from Jobcentre Plus click here

  sunnystaines 13:51 19 Aug 2010

working for a charity as a fund raiser, working from home involves contact various places to raise funds by post/email/telephone.

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