What type of software on PCAdvisor cover disks

  Belatucadrus 21:09 25 Feb 2004

Having voted in the survey, let me take this opportunity to be a bit more specific as to what I'd like to see, doesn't have to be the latest version:-


Any other suggestions ?

  Belatucadrus 21:13 25 Feb 2004

Missed a comma, that should read Borland Delphi, Micrografx FlowCharter. Two separate entities, not one bizarre composite.

  mole44 08:03 26 Feb 2004

same as you,but has anyone noticed the lack of microsoft upgrades on cover discs

  Taran 08:28 26 Feb 2004

Microsoft have decided to disallow the inclusion of updates on magazine cover disks for redistribution, so that is not the fault of the magazine.

  rickf 10:15 26 Feb 2004

Updates are avialable in Windows XP Mag though. Seems this is the official XP mag which MS supports.

  leo49 10:43 26 Feb 2004

A note of realism is required as to what you can expect on cover discs. Big,high priced full programmes you're not going to get - the only reason software developers provide full versions of obsolete software is to publicise/raise awareness[tied into a mag promo]of the new version. Any freeware one can get from the net in minutes anyway.

The category missing from the survey is "NO cover disc" - a mag only provides one because all the other mags do and any I get go straight in the garbage.

  RickyC :-) 10:52 26 Feb 2004

Thanks for your suggestions for cover disc applications, please keep them coming.

I will endeavour to source any software which is suggested here, but please bear in mind that certain developers do not participate in cover disc promotions. I can't guarantee that everything you suggest will end up on a future PC Advisor cover disc.

Regarding the situation with Microsoft applications on the cover disc, I've been informed by them that they no longer intend to offer their software on any magazine cover discs. This includes service packs for XP, free browsers (Internet Explorer), free utilities (TweakUI, Word and Excel Viewers), updates for any of their software packages (patches for MS Office, etc.) and demos or trial versions of their new releases.

Their reasoning for this is that they want their customers to only obtain the most recent versions of applications, and to do this readers need to download their software from the Microsoft website.

This is an excerpt from an email I received in July last year, sent by Microsoft's press officer in charge of covermounts:

"I am afraid that at present Microsoft is not authorising any covermounts - even those that are available free for download on the web. Steps are being taken to get this decision reversed, but I am afraid that at this time I cannot progress any of these enquiries."

You will see from this news story on The Register, that PC Pro had a similar response.

click here



CD Editor

  Belatucadrus 11:35 26 Feb 2004

I know it's a wish list, but it's not an illogical one, all the packages above are part of the HNC course I'm doing and I know for certain that some of them have been done on magazine cover disks in the past.

  Stuartli 14:14 26 Feb 2004

Yes, they were included on cover disks in the past but, as the CD Editor points out, permission for many to be included has been gradually withdrawn over time.

You'll also find it's most annoying to have to get rid of the branding by PC magazines of their cover disk versions of Internet Explorer...:-)

  Andybear 21:14 27 Feb 2004

I'd rather pay a quid less and not have a cover disk at all - I never use anything on them. When I got my first pc in 1995 there was a mag called 'PC Guide' and you had the option of buying it with or without the disk - I always went for the 'without' option.

  soy 23:50 27 Feb 2004

I'd like to see:

Diagnostic/health check programs like SANDRA. Maybe a simplyfied version of what PCworld runs during their health checks. Or 3dMark benchmark type stuff.

Coz when I read all the reviews of new PCs, I can't help but get jealous and start comparing my own machine. Benchmark software would be good in this situation! lol.

also system tweaking software.

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