What type of job?

  WNS Ltd 18:43 18 Feb 2004

What type of job?
Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me. I am on my second year of a BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners and i just been offered a place at Greenwich Uni to do a Computer Networking programme proving i pass the BTEC. However, im not sure if this is the right thing to do as i hear lots of people still cannot find a job after university. Im wondering whether to do a HNC at the college i am currently at. Or whetehr to do a HNC and get a job...but where abouts can i apply?

  whatsupdoc 19:08 18 Feb 2004

when i left uni there were lots of people saying not to do one type of comp course and to do something else. all i can say is do what you find interesting. my 1st in economics didn't prepare me for being a systems engineer so do what you want and worry about getting a job until you need to work, life's to short in my opinion and if you have an aptitude for something then do that.
all i know for sure is go to uni. or you will miss out on your chance and i left with loads of debt but it gets paid off eventually. just go and enjoy yourself

  WNS Ltd 19:22 18 Feb 2004

whatsupdoc - thanks for your very useful comment. I do enjoy doing the BTEC, but im not sure if its me. Should i do something else or carry on with computing?

  Chris the Ancient 20:11 18 Feb 2004

From an old 'un who has had lots of different jobs in his life, my advise would be...

Do the one you know you will enjoy doing the most!


  spuds 00:27 19 Feb 2004

Make sure that you are not one track minded. In later life you may find that one track comes to a sudden end. So spread your branches out a little en-route, ie "Don't carry all your eggs in one basket".

  Forum Editor 00:48 19 Feb 2004

working in a completely different environment to the one on which they started, and unless you have a clear-cut life plan my advice is similar to that offered by whatsupdoc - go to university and see how things work out. Two of my three children have graduated (third currently at uni), and neither of them have ended up doing the job they thought they wanted to do. Both of them seem pretty happy, and neither of them regret the way it's worked out - they realise they may be doing something completely different in a few years anyway.

The Computing/IT world is very different now compared to what it was when I first started, many years ago. My degree was in English, and I thought I was going to join the Foreign Office. The reality was computing, and I've never been far from a keyboard since. It's not easy to get into IT these days - there are lots of people chasing the same jobs, and paper qualifications are not always the prime concern when prospective employers consider job candidates. Certificates and degrees do establish a standard however, and they get you to interviews you may not have a chance at without the qualifications. Work hard, keep an open mind, and be flexible, and you'll probably end up with the kind of job you'll enjoy.

  Edstow 08:58 19 Feb 2004

I did medicine at university. I specialised in psychiatry. I enjoyed it but:

I now own and run a successful graphics business with a staff of 14 and an enviable turnover.

Follow the advice of the others. Be careful though. I have an almost constant stream of IT qualified people coming to me for employment.


  Stuartli 08:59 19 Feb 2004

My son did a three year IT course at Huddersfield University and stayed on an extra year to take his BSc.

Now, as an IT support specialist for one of the country's largest employers responsible for many hundreds of computers, he already earns at least twice as much as I did in my hey day - and good luck to him!

What's more he's no nerd - loves his computer games on or off line, buys all the latest gadgets, has masses of friends, enjoys at least one pint a week (!) and is happily married (or as least as happily married as any man can be) to a delightful lassie...:-)

  whatsupdoc 09:27 19 Feb 2004

so do something that you will enjoy doing.
like others have said the it industry has lots of people chasing a lot of in my opinion low paid jobs. i work for a multinational software company with good benefits and salary of around 37k.
but it has taken yrs and lots of ms exams to get here and i could earn more by going abroad. i was offered a job in Perth for 60k.
just go to uni and choose something that will make you happy and worry about getting a job until you really need to work. i realize this advise is reiterating whats been said before but enjoy uni for the experience and the socializing.

  Stuartli 11:12 19 Feb 2004

My son was computer mad - still is!

I use to let him use my Oric when he was just 10 and he really got the bug full time; it was the same for me when someone gave me a box camera at the same age and I became a photography nut.

It's the same with any youngster - the earlier you start learning about something the better, whether it's computers or playing golf, because your brain absorbs information at an astonishing rate.

  WNS Ltd 11:17 19 Feb 2004

Thanks for all your comments. Cheers

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