What temperature should I keep my fridge and freezer?

  Mary_S 18:37 03 Aug 2011


We have purchased a new firdge freezer. Currently the freezer is at -18c and the fridge is at 3c. Is this ok for this weather? The assistant at John Lewis advised we should put the fridge at 6c but I think he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Can someone advise?


  BRYNIT 18:59 03 Aug 2011

From what I have read the fridge should be betwen 3 and 5c I usually keep my fridge at about 4c different parts of the fridge may be slightly colder or warmer. The freezer should be -18c

  TopCat® 19:03 03 Aug 2011

These operating details should be included in the manufacturer's user manual. However, if for some reason this is missing then the following advice should help. TC.

Top Tips from the Heart of England Co-op are:

  • Defrost your fridge/freezer regularly and read manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Set your fridge/freezer to the correct temperature so that it does not have to work overtime: the optimum temperature for a fridge is between 0-5 degrees centigrade and a freezer at minus 18 degrees centigrade.
  • Don’t locate your fridge next to a heat source such as direct sunlight, radiator, or cooker as your fridge may overcompensate.
  • Both low and high temperatures can seriously damage food and too low temperatures can be a waste of money.
  • Temperatures can vary between day and night as we open fridge doors more during the day, raising the temperature inside. It can take up to half an hour for a fridge to regain its correct temperature, so check how often you leave the door open when you unpack your groceries.

  • Should your fridge or freezer stop working, keep the door shut and this should keep the temperature of food down for around 8 hours....

  961 20:00 03 Aug 2011

-18 C is on the button for the freezer

The fridge temperature will vary between the top (warmer) and the bottom (colder) so that you decide where to store stuff that needs to be at different tempertures for good storage. Meat, very low, vegetables higher

It's a good idea to buy a thermometer so that you can see just what temperatures the top and bottom of the fridge achieve. Food packaging should tell you what temperature to store various foods at. They don't cost the earth and you can sit them on a different shelf each day to see the variation


gives some examples

  961 20:03 03 Aug 2011

Urghhhh Click here still noyt doing the business here

Will this one work?


  961 20:04 03 Aug 2011

Yes it does! And shows several alternatives at lower prices

A fridge thermometer is one of the most useful bits of equipment in the kitchen

  Forum Editor 00:29 04 Aug 2011

"Currently the freezer is at -18c and the fridge is at 3c. Is this ok for this weather?"

If it's not were both in trouble, but it is, and we're not.

Your assessment of the advice offered by the John Lewis assistant is correct.

I always get the fridge down to three degrees in this weather, because at times the door is being opened and closed every five minutes, and the temperature will soon rise to 4.0C or even 6.0C and that's far too high for someone like me, who likes drinks and soft fruit to be ice-cold.

  Aitchbee 12:29 04 Aug 2011

I use a small digital thermometer.The LC display indicates room temperature and the outdoor temperature (in this case in the fridge or freezer).The temperature ranges -50 to +70 DEG C. The 'outdoor' sensor is on the end of a thin 3 metre cable. I can tell the exact temperatures inside my fridge and freezer without opening the door.Very Handy.

  woodchip 18:03 04 Aug 2011

think mine is half way, no idea what its at

  Forum Editor 18:06 04 Aug 2011

"I can tell the exact temperatures inside my fridge and freezer without opening the door.Very Handy."

All modern fridge freezers have that facility built in - a digital display gives the inside temperature of both fridge and freezer.

  Aitchbee 22:05 04 Aug 2011

Forum Editor - I have not bought a fridge or freezer in the past 20 years. My box freezer is a gift from a neighbour and the little work-top fridge was thrown out by a neighbour. Both going strong. I am a bit behind in all these new appliance 'improvements'.HB

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