what should i upgrade next? (for gaming)

  bretjones 10:28 16 Jul 2007

ok, recently, one or two of you might remember that i was talking about buying a gaming pc (though i doubt anyone would remember). here is the spec.

amd thlon x2 3800+
8800gts 320mb
kingston 2gb 667mhz
windows xp home

i have been playing oblivion a bit lately (every waking moment), and have noticed that my frame rates sometimes drop as low as 15 fps (using fraps, but this is with all settings maxed)

my question is what should i upgrade next to get the most noticable increase in frame rates?

  Totally-braindead 12:41 16 Jul 2007

Is there not a dedicated Oblivion Forum?

The reason I suggest this is, this particular game, which I have not tried myself seems to need the most powerful hardware imagineable. The amount of people who have really decent PCs and struggle with this game are common.

Personally I think upgrading what you have might be a waste, it depends on if any upgrade could be used again, since you say you have everything on max I would tweak it a bit, drop some of the setting a tad until you are happy with the framerate.

My computers too low spec for this game thats the main reason I've never tried it.

  wolfie3000 14:12 16 Jul 2007

I would suggest a better graphics card,
If its frame rates your worried about.

Depending on your budget as to what to get, but if moneys no object buy this.

click here

  Starfox 15:02 16 Jul 2007

That set-up should be good enough for Oblivion, I play it on maximum settings with a 8800gts640mb but have 4gb ram and the game runs very well.

I can't see the card being your problem, it should cope adequately. I would think ram or some other problem. Have you downloaded all the Oblivion patches and do you ensure nothing else is running in the background while playing the game?

Know what you mean by *every waking moment* addictive ain't it?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:50 16 Jul 2007

this is a definitive hardware guide for Oblivion.
click here

It's my favourite game, just got the Shivering Isles expansion. Currently I'm a level 23, but I haven't really done much on the magic side, just like the hack and slash!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:54 16 Jul 2007

My machine spec is almost identical to yours, with the exception that I'm using an Intel Core2 duo E6400, I have the settings max'ed out and have the occasional slow down. The game is known for how hard it is on systems.

  citadel 19:41 16 Jul 2007

there has been another price drop from amd, you could get a better cpu to feed the 8800.

  Joe R 20:03 16 Jul 2007

bretjones ,

what resolution are you running the game at.?

  bretjones 23:18 17 Jul 2007

im running it at 1680 x 1250 (or something like that. sorry about the slow reply, i forgot that id posted...

what do you guys think about the amd x2 6000+ (or whatever no. it is)?

i read on that site that arthur provided that the game taxes both the cpu and gpu equally? would upgrading the cpu improve fps noticably?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:59 18 Jul 2007

that the CPU would be the main throttle point on your system as they are using a slower graphics card than your yet:-

"We hit the CPU cap way before we hit the limits of the video card as we increased the resolution"

From that I would deduce a faster CPU would improve your gaming experience. Interesting how there was no change in performance between 2Gb of ram and 4Gb.

  bretjones 18:22 18 Jul 2007

ok i see, ne wcpu on the agenda i think. problem is, im sure that as soon as i get a new cpu, something better will come out. i dont really want to change motherboard to get an intel either. is there any chance of a better amd dual core coming out soon?

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