What is the right laptop for me?

  Supertrouper 21:28 30 Dec 2008

My current laptop, a HP Pavilion, although fantastic when I bought it seems to now not cover all my requirements.

I am no computer expert so gig, ram, processors etc. are quite confusing to me. The hard drive on the laptop I currently have is 95% full (after advised de fragmentations etc.), and I have nothing I am able to delete. I believe the space on this laptop is 2GB although I may be wrong (sorry!) Another problem with this laptop is the games I play run quite slow.

To get to the point, I am looking for a new laptop, I would like it to run fast with enough space on my hard drive for me not to worry it will fill. I would also like the laptop to have a good graphics card so that it is able to play current games, if this is possible! I have no standing budget although past the 750 mark would be slightly extravagant.

I would appreciate your help upon what laptop would be best for me, thank you!

  tullie 21:33 30 Dec 2008

What are the specs on your current machine?

  Supertrouper 21:41 30 Dec 2008

Oh I'm sorry, I don't know! How would I find that out?

It is a HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop

  curofone 21:48 30 Dec 2008

If you go to your desktop and right click on my computer and then press the propties option at the bottom it should list in there what processor and how much ram you have. If you then close that screen and go back to your desktop and double click on my computer you should see your hard drive listed again right click on it and press properties and it will tell you how big your hard drive is.

By the way have you got any preference on things like screen size? if you want a big screen laptop click here# for a bargin of a machine but not that pratical if you want a laptop that is actually portable.

  Supertrouper 21:56 30 Dec 2008

Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, (I presume this is processor) 3 GB of RAM

Then in my hard drive it says capacity 55.9GB

  curofone 22:19 30 Dec 2008

how old is your current laptop? as those specs would suggest that it is either not very old or you paid a lot of money for a good spec a while back. The drive capacity seems a bit low for that spec, i suspect that your hard drive has been been partitioned up into 2.

any chance you know the model number of your laptop? is normally written on a sticker on the underside of the machine.

  Supertrouper 22:33 30 Dec 2008

I bought it 2 years or so ago now, I paid between 650-700 at the time if my memory recalls.

I've had a look at the underside of the laptop and I have several numbers! There is no number for model number, however I have an "s/n" number and a "p/n" number if that helps?

  curofone 22:38 30 Dec 2008

the pn number could be good can normally find the machine with it's part number

  Supertrouper 22:39 30 Dec 2008

p/n = gh87ea#abu

  curofone 22:58 30 Dec 2008

strange the product number does not come up with anything on the hp website but really not a massive problem we have the major specs from what you told us.

The question is now is what are you really looking for from a laptop? does it need to be portable or will it be stat on a desk for 90% of it's life?

How big would ideally want a screen to be? when you say you play games what games are we talking about? games like the sims or first person shooters like crysis or something else? Do you want one with a blu-ray player or do you not really watch dvds? does it need a fantastic battery life?

The more you can tell us about what specifically you use your laptop for and what you specifically want from it the better we can judge what you need

  Supertrouper 23:06 30 Dec 2008

It will be on a desk for the majority of its life yes, the only times it will not be is for holidays, so portability is not a major problem.

I don't want a tiny screen, however it does not need to be massive. Of average size? Whatever that is! My current laptop is widescreen which is nice, however I have no preference to whether the next laptop is or isn't.

Sims is one of the games I play, and with Sims 3 coming out in February I would like this laptop to have the capabilities to play that, as well as GTA IV which I recently received but cannot play. I have read and heard that laptops generally do not play games very well anyway, but so long as the graphics are adequate and the game doesn't play at snails pace I would be happy.

I don't very often watch DVD's so a blu-ray player isn't necessary and battery life isn't a problem as the majority of it's life will be spent plugged in!

The other thing is I have an enormous amount of music, files, videos etc. so hard drive space is a must.

Thanks for the help curofone!

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