What is a reasonable charge for P&P?

  ened 13:47 27 Nov 2009

Recently I purchased a Compaq Laptop and it had been advertised as including a 'Free' upgrade to Windows 7.

I have just applied for it and they are asking £21:99 in postage costs.

Given that you can send a CD through the post for little more than the cost of a first class stamp I think that is an outrageous charge for a supposedly free product.

It is hardly a 'Free Upgrade'!

  961 14:11 27 Nov 2009

They're having a laugh!

  wiz-king 14:25 27 Nov 2009

15 years ago I did a costing on sending a couple of 10ml bottles out as samples, it worked out as just over £25. The cost of the samples was less than 50p.
The cost was in processing the order on the firms ordering system, producing a FOC invoice/dispatch note, doing up the sample - recording and checking that the correct item was picked, taking the item off of the stock control system, packing the items so that the carrier did not manage to break the bottles and finally recording the shipment.
New computer systems have reduced the cost but those stages still apply but now are mainly done by scanning a bar-code. Small orders are the bane of mail-order business.

  canarieslover 14:46 27 Nov 2009

The bigger the company, the more people involved with any transaction, free or paid for. Wiz-king is spot-on with the way he is costing as it is all the work necessary for the recording of the transaction that is probably more expensive in time than the actual packing and despatch. Even with modern tracking methods someone has to pay for the cost of programming and system maintainance, they don't just happen. I would agree that it seems all out of proportion when you compare it to the cost of a first class stamp but I should not have thought that Compaq were making any vast profit out of the deal.

  961 14:49 27 Nov 2009

..it was advertised as a "free" upgrade

They may feel £21.99 is what they need but to describe it as "postage costs" is quite clearly ridiculous

If you trawl the computer internet threads you'll find a number of sites that list what the various companies are charging for this "free" upgrade

They range from nil, zilch, nada to around the figure that is being quoted here

Being a cynical, sad old buffer, I resisted all this "free" nonsense, and waited until I could buy a new computer with W7 installed by the maker

How glad I am

And I guess the next time, ened will do the same

  ened 16:20 27 Nov 2009

What makes it even more of a con is that there was no mention of P&P prior to sale - in fact the first I realised there would be a charges at all was after I had started the process.

wiz-king I don't need a lecture on the cost of this - but let us remember they have already made their profit out of selling the unit.

I am tempted to complain. Who to though? HP or the retailer?

  961 16:46 27 Nov 2009

I'd send a polite letter of complaint to the chief exec of Microsoft UK expressing your extreme disappointment

You can also try trading standards, although i know from trawling the terms and conditions of these "free" upgrade offers that very few got round to telling you it really would be free

However, some did, and while no one minds the actual cost of postage, others made it their business to make a healthy profit out of what was an effort by Microsoft to help manufacturers by bringing forward sales that would otherwise have waited until after W7 was launched

No doubt those that got caught will remember next time

  GaT7 17:09 27 Nov 2009

Similar complaint last month by PCA member cyndownes - click here. G

  spuds 18:21 27 Nov 2009

Just been reading an article in another computer magazine about this same subject of Windows 7 upgrade and charges. And how some people are complaing about excessive charges being applied for the upgrades.

Apparently the going rate is anything from £12 to £30. The cost seems to depend on 'additionals' that might be offered, like technical support, drivers and 'delivery services'.

Also the article states that it is taking at least three to four weeks after registration for upgrades to arrive.

Personally I am waiting for the dust to settle, because it all appears to be a repeat of previous experiences when a new 'must have' OS comes into being.

  ened 08:12 28 Nov 2009

I don't want any extras or upgrades and feel this is an excessive charge.

The contract was with Dixons but it is HP who are making the charge so I shall write to both of them and see what happens.

I had done a quick search for this and since there are two other threads I will close this one.

Thanks for your comments.

  curofone 20:32 30 Nov 2009

you said that there is no mention to the p&p before the sale but this is simply not true. you said your contract was with dixons (not sure if you mean dixons the online retailer or DSGi the owners of dixons.co.uk, pcworld, currys, pixmania etc etc) but if you mean your got your machine from dixons the online retailer then their windows 7 upgrade page clearly states at the bottom there will be a shipping and handling fee (click here). Now if you got the machine in a store ie pcworld or currys then all of their advertising material i have seen also states this fact, as does their websites.

Your upgrade is free the process of taking your order, processing it and getting it to is not.

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