What is the price of gas, please?

  Graham. 15:43 30 Sep 2009

I have been with Staywarm for a long time, and this is the time of year they start writing to you about using too much fuel. As I don't get a bill, I do not know the current price. I know this will vary with different packages, so a rough idea will suffice, thanks.

My meter says M3, which I assume means cubic meter.

  John B 15:59 30 Sep 2009

If you you're an existing customer of StayWarm you should periodically(once a year) review your energy consumption to determine whether the energy tariff is still a good deal ... By using one of the energy comparison websites ... you can quickly work out whether it's worthwhile sticking with StayWarm or switching.

Taken from click here

  John B 16:03 30 Sep 2009

click here money saving experts article.

  Graham. 16:07 30 Sep 2009

That's what I'm trying to do. I've started taking daily readings of the gas meter, but unless I can see this in money terms, it doesn't tell me anything.

Staywarm don't tell you your usage, so I can't review it.

  OTT_Buzzard 16:33 30 Sep 2009

Do you not get a bill from Staywarm?

The M3 on your meter probably does mean cubic meters, but gas is billed by kilowatt hours (kWh). The 6 steps below (copied off my last gas bill) tell you how to convert to kWh. My meter reads in cubic feet so you may need to ignore step 1.

The conversion factor will be different for you (i think). Use this as a guide only.

1 hcf of gas units used = 44
2 convert to cubic metres x 2.83
3 multiply by conversion factor x 1.02264
4 multiply by calorific value x 39.10000
5 convert this into kilowatt-hours ÷ 3.6
6 giving kilowatt-hours used = 1383

  OTT_Buzzard 16:38 30 Sep 2009

If forgot to say, the cost of gas changes the more you use.

The first 'wedge' you use is billed at a higher rate as most companies cover the standing charge this way. Anything else over the first wedge is billed at a lower rate.

For my last bill (July) the first 690kWh were billed at 6.219p each and 3.388p each after that. I'd consider this to be expensive at this point.

The plan you're on, your usage and how you pay has a massive affect on the cost of energy, so don't use the above figures as gosple!

  Graham. 16:43 30 Sep 2009

Thanks, that's all I need.

  John B 17:31 30 Sep 2009

The only free gas & electricity comparison service that allows existing Staywarm customers to compare it with other providers is UK Power click here

The article continues ... To compare, enter ‘Staywarm' for your current tariff, then plug in your annual energy consumption and how much you pay. The site works out how much you'd pay with other providers.

  Graham. 18:02 30 Sep 2009

You have to enter your usage - try it.

  flycatcher1 18:45 30 Sep 2009

I am on Staywarm, have been for many years, they tell you what that want you to pay every year based on the last year's consumption which is detailed.
I feel that we are paying too much with Staywarm but I have not, as yet, found anything better.
All the providers are very quick to raise prices and very slow to reduce them.

  Stuartli 18:57 30 Sep 2009

I'm also with Staywarm - our gas and electric meters are read every two or three months and I can also send them myself if necessary.

The beauty of Staywarm is that you don't have to worry about how big the bills are going to be in the winter time due to the fixed monthly payments.

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