What PDA To Buy ?

  gcs_uk 23:05 16 May 2003

What PDA
I have today decided that I want a PDA.
My budget is around the £200 mark - maybe a bit more but definitely not more than £250.00.

I want to get the best possible specification for my money - from talking to a guy in Dixons today I think I want a pocket PC which runs a cut down version of Windows (for no other reason than I am familiar with it).

The things I want to do on it are word processing, spreadsheets, play the odd game or two, email and internet.

Maybe my price range is not realistic enough and I will have to spend more - if so tell me.

One other thing I was told is that I should buy one which is upgradeable.

I have been looking at the Packard Bell Pocketgear 2030 - anyone have any opinons on this.


  bfoc 23:15 16 May 2003

I have an old Jornada 545 and have been very pleased with it. Actually it is my second, the first my daughter nicked and absolutely adores!

I am impressed by the specs of the new Dell Axim, particularly as the Xscale technology it uses should be more 'future-proof' than some. I also like the fact that it has 2 types of expansion slot: compactflash and SD, so one can have a memory expansion card and a modem card (say) in use at the same time. But I'v enever used one, so all this is just from reading the reviews of it!

Really you need to decide which is more important, small size or expandability. As ever in computing it is a matter of working out what you are willing to compromise on!

  gcs_uk 23:18 16 May 2003

TBH size is not really an issue (!!!!) i dont need the smallest/lightest - just looking for the one that offers best value for money.

  davidg_richmond 01:04 17 May 2003

The PB and Axim are good choices, and there are some cheap Toshiba 330s around if you can find one (end of line). I got an HP 525 for £150 over a year and a half ago when it went end of line, theres some good bargains at the right time.

  Tenner 10:53 17 May 2003

This might help whilst waiting for up-to-date comments click here


  Forum Editor 12:35 17 May 2003

It runs pocket Windows, has Word and Excel, Internet Explorer, a calendar, a contact utility and email.The processor runs at 300Mhz and inside there's 64Mb of RAM.

I'm delighted with it, and if you want one you should be able to pick it up at PC World (where I got mine) for £249.99

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