what is up with PCA subscription service

  howard64 09:02 13 Feb 2008

On Monday 11-02-2008 I received a copy of the Dec 2007 PCA. It did not have the dvd so was not part of my subscription. As I already have the April 2008 edition what are they playing at? It had the no. 13614269 above my name.

  iscanut 09:23 13 Feb 2008

Why don't you contact them and ask ?

  HondaMan 09:25 13 Feb 2008

Just maybe they'll read it here first!

  howard64 09:27 13 Feb 2008

when you contact subscriptions they only deal with signing up or quitting not what goes on

  tom_d 10:06 13 Feb 2008

Further to your comments, I will have a look into your subscription and come back to you with the details. It certainly sounds as though there has been an administrative error. The number appears to be your subscription number, so I have all the necessary information.

I am also sorry to read your comments conerning the subscription service, as it is definitely not the case that we deal 'only' with signing up or quitting. Any questions that you have concerning your subscription should be answered.

Should you have any further queries on any aspect of your subscription, please don't hesitate to send me a private reply with the details and I will certainly investigate further.

Kind regards

Subscriptions Manager

  keef66 13:13 13 Feb 2008

I haven't subscribed for quite a while, but got a free edition (no disk)through the door completely out of the blue. It contained an offer for the next 3 editions for £1, and a free 1GB usb memory stick, so I signed up! Already received the memory stick and the first DVD edition. Bargain!

  howard64 17:30 13 Feb 2008

thank you tom_d I have the subscription copy of Dec 2007 complete with dvd and the non disk copy from this week.

  MAJ 19:00 13 Feb 2008

"It contained an offer for the next 3 editions for £1, and a free 1GB usb memory stick,"

mmmmmmm, sounds good.........

  redsparrow 06:52 14 Feb 2008

I subscribed for a number of years and cancelled my subscription about 5 months ago.

I have received 2 free copies of the magazine upto now. The Feb 2008 edition arrived in mid January and i have just received the March 2008 magazine. Keep em coming!

  interzone55 12:08 14 Feb 2008

I once won a 1 year subscription to Q magazine, I got the magazine for 5 years without paying a penny, then they stopped coming...

  Covergirl 12:32 14 Feb 2008

I've been getting regular £1 for 3 issues offers over the phone for PCA and Comp Shopper for about 4 years but they've now stopped - I think I've missed their latest calls and they never called back ! I miss Rants & Raves in CS the most. How sad.

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