WHAT is PC-Nextdays problem? !!

  bozbiker 00:49 23 Jan 2007

Why don't they reply to my emails? I;ve got a few issues with my zoomstorm laptop, i have tried emailing them since Christmas but i never get a reply apart from the auto message. Does anyone have a phone number for them? i couldn't find a number any where on their site.


  [email protected] 01:49 23 Jan 2007

I found these on this very useful website click here:

PC Nextday Ltd - 0870 1626342 / 0151 7096342

  Jimmy230 06:59 23 Jan 2007

I've also had many problems with PC Nextday (I'm returning a desktop PC to them today in fact after they finally agreed to a refund). I found that I generally got a response if I emailed customer services, rather than technical support.

  Probabilitydrive 07:37 23 Jan 2007

What is NOT PC Nextdaysclick here problem?

  bozbiker 20:18 23 Jan 2007

[email protected], thanks for the numbers

Jimmy230, cheers i will try emailing customer services instead

Probabilitydrive, am reading that thread now

  bozbiker 02:11 28 Jan 2007

Trying to get help from PC-Nextday is more stressful than childbirth! It took about 20 calls before someone answered and then they said they could'nt help me and told me to send my laptop back. Great!

  Dazlloyd 17:12 30 Jan 2007

Wish i'd seen this forum before.
I went on the 'what laptop' forum but didn't see anything too bad about this company.

So I ordered two laptops from them. I waited for Ten days before receiving the laptops which isn't too bad although I was expecting 'nextday' delivery as their website states.

However on receiving the laptops I have found that one of them isn't mine! Its a laptop that has been sent back by another customer for the technical department to sort out some problems with.

They've then sent it to me. My £850.00 + laptop is missing and so far I have had no response from customer services (approx four hours wait so far).

You would think that the least they would do is e-mail back that they were looking into it.

I hope that I haven't ordered from a bad company.


  bozbiker 01:28 26 Feb 2007

why am i not surprised
somethings gotta be done about this sh*te company,has anyone told watchdog about them?

  STREETWORK 07:37 26 Feb 2007

I had emailed them some time ago to enquire on the cost for 1 x PC and 2 x laptops. But, as yet have not had any reply to this. Taking my custom else where now...

  spuds 10:19 26 Feb 2007

If you paid by credit card, then take your problem up with the credit card company under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. The credit card company have 'equal liability' in resolving any problems. This also applies to any computer finance arrangements, again the finance provider would have 'equal liability' under the said Act.

  roddypoddy 17:54 27 Feb 2007

I recieved a zoostorm system off them on the 13th(i know) of Feb,a Tuesday.Backed up some music,added favourites got to know the pc a little,then loaded on some games the saturday after reciept of the pc.
MTW2 started crashing,blue screen,and/or,ctd,s.patched the game,and a few days later,the same thing.loaded up GTR2,same issues on and off,thought maybe one of the many mods i put on had borked the game somehow,then a lightbulb came on(i,m slow ,lol)memtest,i thought by now,dodgy ram,and sure enough 16 instances of memory failure in 20 minutes.E-mailed PCND,got a response to get in touch with their warranty merchants,What to do for the best,the pc is bought and paid for by CC,and apart from the obvious issues appears to be fine,and i like it too,its well specced,cost £1300.00 mind.
400gb hdd
2gb ddr2
etc etc.
Do i go with tech supports suggestion(get in touch with the warranty people)or get a little snotty with them(if so,how)all help gratefully recieved here,i think i,ll need it,thank you in advance.

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