What pc monitor??

  project 90 17:56 21 Sep 2009

hi people, i am thinking of upgrading my monitor i have a 19" viewsonic vx922 i think it was.
i'm a heavy games mainly fps and racing so when i bought this the main thing was a low response time to minimise ghosting mine is 2m/s claimed

i was wanting to get a decent 22" widescreen full hd screen i have been looking at 3 the now just want to hear other peoples views and if they can reccommend 1 over the other

1.click here=

2.click here=

3.click here=

i would preferabaly like to keep my 2ms response time but i hear people say that 5 is fine but i am right picky and probaly wil notice the difference or at leastt hink i do.

any help or input is welcome

thanks people

  mr simon 21:03 21 Sep 2009

click here for a Samsung 2232BW, at £160 if you click here

I have owned this one for a while now and its brilliant. I use it mostly for gaming.

  GaT7 21:05 21 Sep 2009

Don't ask me why, but I'd probably choose the LG. They all appear very similar in specs, with the Samsung not having a dedicated HDMI port, unlike the other two which do. You'll need to visit the individual manufacturer's website to look for/compare the minor differences.

The LG is cheaper at Dabs (£156 delivered) click here & eBuyer (£157 delivered) click here - if you choose their free delivery options.

If you go for the Asus, it's cheaper at Dabs (£158 delivered) click here. Likewise with the Samsung at Dixons (£157 delivered) click here. G

  GaT7 21:08 21 Sep 2009

mr simon, I think you'll find your Samsung's res is 1680x1050, while project 90 appears to be looking for a 'Full HD' 1920x1080 res screen. G

  project 90 21:32 21 Sep 2009

yes thanks guys i was just looking at the models the now will price comapre when i go to buy it but there cant be much diff in them can there?

is there no where you can go apart from curries where u can have a test drive of 1?

  mr simon 00:28 22 Sep 2009

You are correct Crossbow7, please ignore my suggestion.

  spuds 11:09 22 Sep 2009

Whatever you purchase and where from, make sure of your warranty entitlements. I do not know if the same rule applies, but one well known retailer had an agreement with monitor manufacturers of only providing a one year warranty, in the off chance that the customer would purchase an additional 2 year extended warranty. Other retailers provided a free 3 year warranty supported by the retailer and manufacturer.

I notice that there are a number of Viewsonic 22" around at present, with a price tag of just over £100.00.

  961 19:46 22 Sep 2009

I've just bought a Benq G2420HD 24" widescreen from Dabs for £145 + delivery

(Reviewed in this month's PC Pro magazine)

3 years on site warranty

I am blown away by the screen quality

At least read the review before you buy

I was thinking LG or Samsung both £50 dearer but glad I went for this

I am using a samsung T220 (not HDMI but DVI) it is fantastic!! I would go for the Samsung, but check around on the price!

  harps1h 15:08 23 Sep 2009

click here

i have this one for a few pounds more

  harps1h 16:01 23 Sep 2009

click here

i have this one for a few pounds more

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