What PC have you got.......?

  Magik ®© 18:11 04 Aug 2004

Just wondered what PC's you guys and girls have, and have they been trouble free.......

my desktop is a Evesham, and since I had it replaced after a few weeks it has been fine, my laptop is a Dell inspiron and that has been ace..

  Mister Splendid©® 18:24 04 Aug 2004

Mine is self built and so far reliable except for the case exhaust fan failing last week.

  BITS&BOBS 18:28 04 Aug 2004

Mesh Matrix 3000FX with afew extra's now:

AMD64 3000+








  BITS&BOBS 18:29 04 Aug 2004

Opp's and yes i've had five months trouble free!

  ajm 18:59 04 Aug 2004

P4 2.53GhZ
1GB Memory
120GB Hard Drive
64MB Nvidia Graphics
Pioneer DVD
Sony DVD Multi Writer
17" IIyama E431 TFT

Oh, and Apple PowerBook G4 Laptop

  andrew-216448 19:12 04 Aug 2004

cybermaxx p4 3.4 ghz
samsung 512mb pc3200 dual channel
200 gig HD
pioneer 107d DVD/RW
sony dvd
nvidia fx 5200 256 mb ram
philips tv tuner/capture card
lite-on 17in tft
msi ms-7041 motherboard

have this for 2 months mow with no problem

  byfordr 20:03 04 Aug 2004

1 Dell, 1 HP no trouble with either.


  mikef. 20:39 04 Aug 2004

Desktop Advent 3209, no problems in the 18 months I've had it

Laptop Novatech 1.5 Centrino, cracking machine for the price

  charlton200 20:55 04 Aug 2004

Evesham here,3 years old and has been nothing but trouble.Two hard drives,new modem,one graphics card, new cd/rw new dvd/cdrom
+New monitor and countless reinstalls,tons of phone calls, countless crashes.
I will be glad to get rid of it.

I am just about to buy a mesh matrix 3200.

Wish me luck.

  carver 20:58 04 Aug 2004

I had a Mesh for three years that gave me quite a few problems so decided to build my own,

Now have a Gigabyte nforce2 mobo

Athlon xp2500 overclocked to 3200

2 x 512mb 3200 ram

2x80 gb Maxtor 7200rpm with 8mb buffer

nvidia 5900xt graphic card

Pioneer DVD rom

Teac cdrw

creative Audigy 2 zs sound card

swiftech cpu cooler complete with 90mm silent fan + a further 4 silent fans to complete cooling

and to top if all off a very cool looking, black coolermaster wavemaster case to compliment the black llyma E431s TFT monitor

and that little lot gives a very respectful 3d mark of 5950 and it's very quite and the satisfaction it gives to say that I made that is immense

  accord 21:39 04 Aug 2004

Mesh Athlon XP 2000, 512mb Ram, 40GB Maxtor HD, ATI 128mb Graphics, LG DVD Rom, USB2, XP Home.

Upgraded with:
160GB Maxtor HD, Sony DVD +/- RW, Sony CDRW, Internal 7 x card reader, Internal Firewire card, Internal USB2 card and LG 1710S 17" TFT.

Had the Mesh for nearly 2 years and after inital probs with IDE cable no problems at all.

Also connected to www via NTL 600K BB.

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