What PC is cheap and good for playing games

  Ben-520494 12:04 25 Jul 2006

I have recently become addicted to COD but my PC CANT PLAY IT VERY WELL WHAT IS MY BEST OPTION FOR £600 AND any responses will be appreciated THANKS

  dontmeshwithme 12:19 25 Jul 2006

Do you also need a monitor?

  wee eddie 12:19 25 Jul 2006

Don't take that comment above too seriously but £600 will only get you a PC that can "Just about" play COD and with most of the "bells and whistles" turned off, at that.

  dontmeshwithme 12:26 25 Jul 2006

Also if it's mainly Call Of Duty that you enjoy, and your current pc is happy with all the other jobs you ask of it, have you considered the (ooo this is going to open a can of worms!) xbox360 ?? Especially if you have a HD ready TV. In my opinion you really need about double that before you can start seriously looking for a decent gaming machine. If you want a monitor as well in that budget..good luck. Also you don't say if it's CODE 1 or 2 you are playing. If it's 1 then you will probably be able to upgrade your current machine. I used to run it happily on an AMD 2600 with a GeForce 4600ti and 512mb ram. However if it's the second game then you need serious hardware if you want to run it at full spec, ideally either a x1900 or 7900 series GFX card.

  Ben-520494 12:30 25 Jul 2006

Its mainly COD 1 at the mo i have played COD 2 but i dont like it as much.With the XBOX 360 it cant be as good as PC gaming surely.

  dontmeshwithme 12:38 25 Jul 2006

The Xbox running on a HD tv will look as good as nearly any sub £1000 pc due to the following:-

1) Microsoft looses money on them, they are subsidised quite heavily.
2) They are designed purely for games., and as such have very specific components
3) because the hardware is constant the writers can push it too the limit without having to worry about it running on certain variations.

Pop down to your local games store and ask them if you can have a look at COD2 running on one. Most will obligue if it's likely to get a sale.

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