what a pain in the

  aramis 07:50 29 Feb 2004

computing position. I must have the most uncomfortable chair imaginable.I can usually only manage about 30 minutes at a time. Could someone please suggest an online supplier of reasonably priced office chairs and any advice on what to look for would be great.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:06 29 Feb 2004

Go to any office supplies store - staples, Office World, PC World etc - and sit in one. Its the only way to be sure. Get one that supports your back and which you can sit upright in - it will have to be height adjustable.

  Mysticnas 12:05 29 Feb 2004

also another good thing too look out for is auctions...

When a local company goes into liquidation all it's assests are either taken away for other purposes or more often auctioned.

You can pick up really good deals here! Went to know a few years back. My mate picked up a panasonic 19" monitor for £20 and i got a nice leather office chair for £15! (amonst other stuff; quite nice it was until my mates trashed it one night!

Look out in the local paper or look in a local directory for auctioners.

  Mysticnas 12:09 29 Feb 2004

to give you an idea of how much i saved... I looked in the viking direct catalogue (anb office supplier) and same chair was going vo around £149.99) if i remember correctly.

OK so it had been used, but for a nice comfy chair it wasn't bad. Nice arm rests, adustable almost everything! seat height, back rest height, back rest angle, back rest Z axis position, and of course arm rst adjustment.

  spuds 12:11 29 Feb 2004

Good suggestion by DS. I would add that arm supports are a great help, especially over long periods. I originally used a typist chair, but it proved to be a total failure for all the obvious reasons [bad back,aching limbs].Moved up a step to an executive leather style chair, and never once have I considered it a bad buy. Nearly all the modern day suppliers stock a 'mock' type executive leatherette chair at constant discount prices,so check these out and go for it, you will see and feel the difference.

  spuds 12:17 29 Feb 2004

Just noticed Mysticnas's posting. The chair that I use was purchased via a liquidation auction.Two good/top quality executive chairs and two poorer grade chairs for the pricely sum of £60.00 the lot.

  joeltr 12:25 29 Feb 2004

argos swivel chair £19-99 self assembly,adjustable, comfortable.

  aramis 15:37 29 Feb 2004

Thanks for all suggestions. I went to Staples & PC world today to have a look around. I tried a very comfortable leather faced chair with padded arms for £119.Also saw a fabric one for £99 ,but the actual seat was too short.
Good sugestion about a local sale. we have one here every wednesday so before deciding I'll go along to see whats on sale.

  spuds 10:38 03 Mar 2004

click here Viking Direct latest offers:Key in YU3-ECO2574-** @£39.99 or Y23-EXF2650-** @£44.99 or this gem Y23-MATRIX @£29.99.

In place of ** add colour required BF-Blue. BK-Black.BY-Burgundy.GY-Grey. All prices are ex vat, and free 'next day, delivery on orders over £30.00 ex vat.

Sign and register as new account holder, and add Y23-PR1692 to your order, and you get a free slimline aluminium briefcase.[whilst stock lasts]Viking will substitute this, if stocks cease.

Further special offer for your printing needs Y23-VKG2500 @ £8.99 per 5 ream box [2500 sheets]

Happy Saving/Spending.

  spuds 10:41 03 Mar 2004

Should have added Viking telephone 0800 424444 and fax 0800 6222211.

  aramis 11:07 03 Mar 2004

Many thanks for that. There are some really good prices at Viking. When my wife comes home later I think I'll order one. Let her decide colours etc.

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