What Mugs We Are: Antivirus Programs

  ARomeo 17:28 25 Jan 2005

I always thought that the computer industry because of the nature of relative free flow of information would always remain transparent so that we the users and buyers would be able to make the right choices and spend our money wisely.

It baffles me how e.g. a company like Symmantec (and a couple of others) can continue to be the "industry leaders" in antivirus software even though they now sell bloatware. How many of you know the leading company in independent tests of the effectivness and use of system resources of antivirus software for the past three years?

I won't say the name. Do the research yourselves online. By the way, I have been a Norton user for the past four years, I just wish I had taken more trouble to keep myself informed.

But I guess it's just like anything, we are all seduced by brand names, who'll buy a Skoda now even though they are rally champions and their cars are effectively the same as VW's. Enough of a rant.

  Forum Editor 18:19 25 Jan 2005

in posting comments like this and then saying "I won't say the name. Do the research yourselves online."


Why won't you say the name, and if you won't, what makes you think that others will be bothered to "do the research" as you put it. By all means tell us who this mysterious company is, so we can comment - otherwise your thread seems to have little point.

  acein1 18:48 25 Jan 2005

aromeo,why not name them,if you feel strongly enough about this ,to start this thread,i dont see the point in not naming them

  wags 19:04 25 Jan 2005

ARomeo has obviously made a great discovery that he/she doesn't want to share with us...(?) or perhaps it's just a pointless statement.

  originalmiscellany 19:16 25 Jan 2005

AVG freeware antivirus killer.
Great. Well done.

  Belatucadrus 20:43 25 Jan 2005

So you're expecting Symantec to rephrase their advertising.

"Symantec's Norton AntiVirus™ 2005 is the world’s most trusted antivirus solution.* PS bloated and invasive with high memory requirement, older systems may grind to a halt."

Not much of a sales pitch is it ? I'm no Norton fan, but can see no reason why they should be any more transparent than they already are, the system requirements are on the box and the website and as you said, sites like ICSA and Virus Bulletin provide the reviews. Doing your own research has never been easier.

As to Skoda, round here they're doing very well as are Hyundai and some other less cachet laden brands, clearly a lot of people are more open minded than you give them credit for.

  Totally-braindead 22:56 25 Jan 2005

I used Norton for about 4 years and just recently, about 4 weeks ago, I decided to give AVG free a try. So far its been fine. Regarding your points about Norton, I've been told its a bit of a system hog but personally I never had a problem with it, I have no idea whatsoever what you mean about bloatware. What is bloatware? What are you trying to make as your point? Are you saying they add other things onto their programs to make it look bigger than it should be or something? I'm sorry but I really don't understand what point your trying to make. I've seen a few reviews of anti virus programs although I can't say I've seen one recently and Norton did as well if not better than a lot of others. If you don't like Norton then don't use it theres plenty of others out there.

  originalmiscellany 23:21 25 Jan 2005

Bloatware can be defined as "Software that has lots of features and requires considerable disk space and RAM"

Think MS Word which installed may take upto 150 megs to install, when all most people need are to write letters, which I'm guessing uses 10% of the facilities and power offered in Word.
When you do stuff like mail merging, linking to Access, creating automatic indexes etc (features most people won't use) these are simpy features which are rarely used and people would view as Bloatware, whereas people who rely on these features would view them as essential.

Still no clearer what this chap ARomeo is on about though

  Totally-braindead 23:24 25 Jan 2005

Thank you originalmiscellany now I understand. Sort of, I think.

  Chezdez 08:04 26 Jan 2005

the extra features are included but people do use them, no matter how rarely

and if they didn't include, they'd have the people who do need them complaining

as for anti-virus, i've tried PC-cillin, and changed that when my PC got a virus and required a format. ever since then (2 years+?), i've been with AVG free, and i find it to be fantastic

and i do not like, as i know several people who have got virus's while using. but i know others will praise norton til the end of the earth!!

i think it largely comes down to personal experiance as to what people use, but the majoirity of new users will go for packages like nortan and McAfee, because they look attractice on the adverts, and sound really good.

  Q22 14:36 26 Jan 2005

This AVG freeware antivirus killer sounds great, where can I find it?

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