what motherboard and graphics card?

  desired 20:05 16 Jul 2005


I am currently in the process of upgrading my PC. I've got the Antec P180 on order (currently my maxtor drives are soooooooooo noisey i can hear them from the bedroom next to mine! so i'm going for the silent as possible pc route) and have the PSU sorted also as well as all optical/hdd's.

I am getting a AMD Athlon 64 socket 939 3000+ CPU but am not sure about what motherboard and graphic card to go for.

I don't play games and do not intend to either, nor am i going to overclock my cpu, so am not after anything flashy. Although a graphics card with tv out would be nice and also one that has inputs on it whereby i could connect my vcr, camcorder, etc, although im thinking of maybe getting a tv card for this (again i dont know which one). However a basic, decent pci-e graphics card will do if all others are expensive.

A motherboard with a basic video card built in would be nice as it would buy me time until more pci-e graphics cards come on the market, but im unable to find one.

Also, maybe a rather stupid question, but are there any 939 motherboards that have agp slots on them (i know pci-e is better but the variety of agp graphics card and their prices are better)

Can anyone recommend me a good motherboard / graphcs card to go for?

Many thanks in advance, and apologies for my lack of understanding/knowledge in these matters (hence my plea for your help) and any grammer errors.


  Totally-braindead 22:04 16 Jul 2005

I'm sorry to disagree with you desired but from what I've been able to see PCI Express cards are more common than their AGP equivalents as well as generally being cheaper. Whatever motherboard you buy, and I've no particular preference, ensure it has PCI Express, you can get a cheap PCIE card for about £30. Since you're interested in video suggest that you try to get a motherboard with Firewire as well as USB 2.0 and personally I'd be looking for a motherboard that can take SATA drives as well as IDE ones as they're faster and are reasonably priced now.

There are socket 939 motherboard that do take AGP but I think later on you might regret getting one though I suppose it depends on what you use it for. Lastly although I have no particular preference regarding make, I'd buy a good brand and the ones I've been looking at at the moment as I've been considering upgrading are the MSI ones. Heres one with AGP for £58 click here though they are awaiting stock just now or have a look here click here and here click here and here click here and here click here

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