What laptop for under £400?!

  lucozade9 20:18 12 Sep 2006

Im in the market for a laptop under about £400. Is there any that can be reccomended?

All i want it for is surfing net wirelessly and using word etc so dont need anything fancy as i wont be playing any games. Battery life is also not really important as long as it lasts about 90mins as i intend to plug laptop into mains at home when using it.

Thanks for help

  hzhzhzhz 20:34 12 Sep 2006
  hzhzhzhz 20:36 12 Sep 2006


2nd link should be click here

  Diodorus Siculus 21:08 12 Sep 2006

click here

Nice Toshiba here but it will need more RAM added.

  The Kestrel 08:21 13 Sep 2006

I bought a ;aptop for my son at the weekend from Staples click here . There are several under £400 there.

  1minute 10:28 13 Sep 2006

Try click here even cheaper if you install yur own O/S!

  silverous 17:15 13 Sep 2006

Accer is your friend. You can't beat Acer at the sub-4/500 price point (usually).

  sean-278262 21:36 13 Sep 2006

click here
click here

Purchased from them, bargain machine. The equivalent other make would of been £100 more for the spec I got. Acer do some great deals on cheap machines under 700 and their deals for 400 or less are often unbeaten.

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