What laptop sholud I buy ?

  marisom 13:19 13 Aug 2006

Have looked at DELL website and they have a 6400 and 640m, not sure if I should buy one of these as it is, or to have the recommendations (in green) If so which one, or go for a different laptop altogether.

Advise please as this is a surprise for teenagers birthday (who is about to start GCSE coursework, so cannot ask her.

Intend to get teacher and student microsoft as have already been advised.

Many thanks

  ade.h 16:41 13 Aug 2006

For a [probably fashion-conscious] teenager, I would buy a Sony or a MacBook.

  sean-278262 16:53 13 Aug 2006

I suggest if it is for a birthday you check out

click here

That store offers a good selection of laptops and also some tend to be better than the offering you are looking at from dell.

I suggest you get the largest hard drive you can get minimum of 60gb
512mb ram (no less than this)
Try to avoid intel intergrated graphics cards.
Screen size if they are a student is critical. 15.4 or 15 inch is important as it makes it easier to do write ups.

What exactly will the computer be use for?

  marisom 21:46 13 Aug 2006

Intends to use it for GCSE course work and maybe beyond.
She is taking, History, Business studies, Child development, Graphics, along with usual subjects.
Always playing music from sites on my desktop, or games.
I know she keeps on about power point, but as I understand it I can get this on the teacher student microsoft.

  sean-278262 21:57 13 Aug 2006

Anything under 700quid will do her fine. If games are not a priority then it would be best to get a lower end graphics card but not an onboard card ideally.

As for the student teacher edition consider her trying "open office" it is free and in most peoples opinion just as good and is MS office compatable. Google it as could save you a fortune or be money to place towards a more powerful laptop.

  marisom 22:03 13 Aug 2006

Hi creature of the nite

I have just looked at the site above having read my answer would you still recommend this one, or another one.

Have you had a look at the student deals. Which would you still recommend.

  sean-278262 22:12 13 Aug 2006

Marisom as much as I want to give you a recommendation I lack a budget to work to.

As for deals I would stay away mainly as you cannot tell the quality of the items over the web.

Things like laptop bags can be purchased in dixons.

However unlike a Desktop I do advise you get
- A bag - any transport is a pain. I have 2 a shoulder dedicated bag and a rucksack with laptop section which I find ideal for university.
- A laptop cleaning cloth - I have some lint free cloths that work great for dry or wet cleaning.
- Pure alcohol - 10% solution with 90% water is great for a clean screen but probably something you should invest in and keep clear of kids.
- Pen drive - 128mb or something always proves useful to transfer projects etc from laptop to a PC or for backups just in case.

If you give me a budget I will find one to best please it as Im sure others will also.

Also the site I posted are very good. The machine Im talking to you from was purchased at click here who are the same people just they have a large acer range and dedicate a site to it. Good value and helpful staff.

  marisom 22:20 13 Aug 2006

Thanks creature of the nite.

I was thinking £700 as an absolute max, as Hubby thinks £500 is his absolute max, so what he does not know will not hurt him, but obviously if I can get it lower, then the less I have to say little white lies. HA HA

  sean-278262 22:43 13 Aug 2006

click here
Just under 600 and has all you could want.

click here
AMD dual core faster than the above but same price and has a webcam something teenagers seem to require.

click here
My sister has one we paid 399 in Feb for it. Excellent. I would get an external hard drive and double the ram for the money you save. Also IBMs are always more valuable when you sell them on and are hardy! Plus it lasts 4hours on the battery.

Just a selection. If you want to go through and place up suggestions we can point you in the direction of what is wrong with it and what is good about it.

  marisom 23:09 13 Aug 2006

Love the look of the first two on the above message, should i go for a wireless router as I have no idea what this is or what it does, and am thinking of going broadband with my desk top

I take it from what you say the 2nd is probably the better, as she would like a web cam, and is faster, but has all of the 1st.

And I really will go with someones recommendation as I do not have a clue about all this external stuff.

  sean-278262 23:25 13 Aug 2006

External hard drives are hard drives (the thing that stores data on your computer but outside it). They are used as back ups and helpful to store other data.

As for wireless that is up to you but your desktop probably will need a wireless card.

as for which machine is best if your offspring play any games such as the sims you will find the second will not be as good as the first, however if spreadsheets etc are commonly used or other office applications and the internet the second will prove better.

As for wireless router this splits a connection to the internet in several directions to other computers. For now I suggest you tackle this problem and then move on to asking about wireless later in a new thread.

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