What Laptop To Buy, Just Want To Surf The Web.

  caggybutton 13:06 31 Aug 2009


I'm going to buy my dad a laptop as he is always going on about wanting to go online and has to go to the library to do it.

He will only use it to go online.

I will want to use a dongle to access the web.

Will any laptop do? or will I need a laptop with special specifications? As I have no knowledge about laptops.

Many thanks!

  OTT_Buzzard 13:17 31 Aug 2009

Simple answer, yes, any old laptop will do, but what it will do will depend on the spec.....think that made sense!

Things to look at:

Screen size
Wi fi (doesn't sound like you need it)
Battery life & Portability. Will your dad take it anywhere else?

If you can feedback on these then suggestions may be made!

  Forum Editor 13:20 31 Aug 2009

if surfing the web is the only/main requirement.

All new laptops come with wireless networking built in, and all of them will have an appropriate USB connector for your mobile broadband dongle.

Buy the best machine your budget allows, though. Your father's interests may expand, once he's online, and it would be nice to have a machine that could keep pace if they do.

  anchor 13:46 31 Aug 2009

Not wishing to hijack your thread, I have been asked a similar question.

However, at this stage the person does not want to subscribe to broadband, and only wishes to use dial-up. It seems that fewer and fewer laptops now have a 56k modem, which she will need. She will never play games, and only intends to use it for basic purposes.

Any suggestions?.

  caggybutton 15:18 31 Aug 2009

Thanks peeps, If I see one I like I'll post it here to see if its ok. He's 67 years old and really just likes to browse the web.

  caggybutton 15:22 31 Aug 2009

p.s. Anyone know a good place to get cheap laptops refurbished laptops is fine.

  Armchair 15:28 31 Aug 2009

Anything on the Dell outlet refurb. pages that you like the look of? I've applied a <£500 filter to it btw.

click here

  Armchair 15:28 31 Aug 2009

Ugh, it hasn't included the filter in the link. Oh well, easily enough applied.

  DieSse 15:30 31 Aug 2009

I've just bought a Lenovo 3000 G530 4446 for our computer club.

15.4" screen - Celeron 900 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB drive, webcam and mic, ethernet port, wi-fi, dial-up modem, cam card slot, PC-card slot, USBs and external monitor port.

In short absolutely everything you need.

I dumped the Vista Basic and put on Linux Mint - straight on without hassle. Wifi worked without intervention (just a password). Not everything else checked out yet. Also put on Win7RC in a virtual machine.

Price - including a case with a neat little wireless mouse, IVA, and delivery to the door - €309 (about £270). All this in Spain)

You should be able to get as good or better in the UK I would expect.

I strongly urge you to get BB for him - dial-up will be appalling and spoil his experience on the web. I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint - no worry about viruses. Also you can run Spotify under Wine - he'll probably be eternally grateful for as much music as he wants to his exact tastes!!

  Armchair 15:30 31 Aug 2009

Oh, and it's reset the filter to desktop PCs as well.........

  caggybutton 16:20 31 Aug 2009

Thanks armchair as all he wants to browse the web I think I'll check out ebay I'm only looking to spend £150.

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