what laptop is the best for me

  killerbunny 20:23 10 Sep 2009

i have a dell inspirson 6400, and im looking to get a new one, i will be starting collage soon so i need the laptop for that also i like my games but i cant play them on my current laptop on of the reason of getting a new one, my buget is £650 help please thank you

  mrwoowoo 00:06 11 Sep 2009

Laptops are not an ideal choice for gaming due to the low end graphics cards that come with them unless you pay a lot of money.
You don't say which games you play although this will play modern games around medium to low settings.
If you need a better gaming laptop then it will cost a lot more.
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  mrwoowoo 00:37 11 Sep 2009

A slightly better choice.IMHO
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  killerbunny 14:28 12 Sep 2009

thanks, at the moment im in to the medevil total war 2 which im playing round my mates house on his computer, i would probauly buy empire when i get a new laptop and new ones when they come out, if the laptop is good i might get online games depends on the laptop

  mrwoowoo 15:35 12 Sep 2009

The 2nd laptop option would have no problems with those games.

  killerbunny 15:41 12 Sep 2009

would it keep up with newer games as well?

  mrwoowoo 19:02 12 Sep 2009

That card will give you around 2/3rds the frame rate of an 8800gt which i s in itself old hat now.
You will be able to play new games at medium/low(ish) settings for a while.
To be future proof with a lappy,you need to spend a lot more money.
Compare the 512mb version of your card here with various games.
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  killerbunny 21:23 14 Sep 2009

well as long as the second one can play new total war games i think ill get that one thanks

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