What kit for a wireless network?

  Martin-303092 19:31 05 Jan 2005

I'm looking to set up a wireless network for my desktop and laptop. I've heard/seen conflicting opinions over different manufacturers and compatibility issues and was wondering if anyone could suggest the best set up (at a reasonable price of course!)

Ideally I'd like to use a modem router, a USB adaptor for mydesktop and a pcmcia card for the laptop purely for ease of setting up and lack of space in places.

It's a HP desktop (3 months old) and a Sony laptop (2 yrs old) both running XP so could anyone help me please?

  Forum Editor 19:52 05 Jan 2005

is a matter of opinion, but a good setup would be:-

Netgear DG834GT wireless modem/router

Netgear MA111 wireless USB adapter

Netgear MA521 wireless PCMCIA card adapter

No compatibility issues - prices vary, so shop around,
click here might be a good place to start.

Remember that when you are setting up the USB adapter you MUST install the software before you plug in the adapter.

  babybelle 19:59 05 Jan 2005

I am using an all Belkin 11b standard kit, wireless router, usb adaptor on my desk top and pmcia card on my laptop. For broadband internet it works great sharing access with both PCs at the same time at 11 mbs. If you need to transfer large files between your PCs then you should go for the 11g faster standard, but for sharing broadband I have found this to be an easy to set up and reliable solution. Good signal all over the house including the garden.

Hope this helps.

  Martin-303092 21:41 05 Jan 2005

I've been looking at the Netgear items you suggested and I also came across the DG834G in a bundle. Is the only difference between the two of them the speed (108Mbps against 54Mbps)?

If so it's only to share a broadband connection without trailing wires all over the house so I prob could manage without the extra speed and save the extra cash.

  Forum Editor 00:42 06 Jan 2005

between machines then go for the cheaper option. You'll be pushed to notice the speed difference if all you're going to do is share a connection.

  Caskstrength60 09:42 06 Jan 2005

just installed the BT voyager 2100 wireless kit , might be a bit more expensive than everyone elses but it was a doodle to install , set up and configure (worked first time unlike the wired network when i put that in .......).
Speed seems fantastic as well .

  Al94 09:43 06 Jan 2005

Agree 100% with FE. Whilst all will have their preferences, I have found the netgear to be comparatively the easiest to set up and from one experience, their customer support to be superb. Here's another place to look click here

  Martin-303092 12:36 06 Jan 2005

Thanks all. I've placed an order for the DG834GT with a free wireless card as I've found it for only £15 extra than the other one. I hope it's relatively easy to set up.

While we're on the subject of it I'd just like to point out that I placed the order at 8.30 this morning at broadbandbuyer.co.uk and I'm informed it has been dispatched at 11.20. How's that for service!

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