What a joke

  123pete 20:52 23 Sep 2006

Spent 2.5 hours on the phone with BT About lack of Broadband talk service only to be passed from one so called help desk to the next. All saying the next person would be able to help. None of them did.
It seems BT Charge more than most for broadband but are unable to offer descent customer services.

  STREETWORK 22:05 23 Sep 2006

But what was the actual problem?

  spuds 22:10 23 Sep 2006

If you have a complaint about BT help or services, then telephone 'the buck stops here department' 0800 3287103

  Cymro. 10:22 24 Sep 2006

Thanks for that no. spuds. I only wish I had it a few months ago when I spent about three hours on the phone with BT customer care in India only for them to tell me I had a "vendor problem". This turned out to be wrong as the fault was with them. I hope I never have to use their customer care again, but if I do then I will have the no. you gave just in case.

  Colin 11:29 24 Sep 2006

I spent the best part of last Easter without BT Broadband after upgrading to their 8MB service.
In the end it was because my ID had changed from [email protected] [email protected]. After spending ages on the phone at 0845 rate and getting nowhere, I noticed in a PC mag that someone's e-mail address was [email protected]. I changed mine to that and I was back on. The funny thing is, in my account details on BT Broadband's website, I am still listed as [email protected].

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