What is it with Tiscali?

  ened 17:21 16 Nov 2006

Has anyone else had problems with Tiscali today?

I disconnected last evening and everything was working alright. This morning it would connect but no web pages were available and OE could not connect to the server.

I tried telephoning but ended up more frustrated - then suddenly it started working again!

  ened 17:22 16 Nov 2006

I should add only about 30 minutes ago.

  Jackcoms 17:48 16 Nov 2006

No problems here.

How do you know that it's a Tiscali problem?

It may be a fault or ongoing work at your local exchange.

  alB 20:37 16 Nov 2006

I had a letter from Tiscali last week to say that they and BT would be doing some sort of maintenance and that it may be possible that no internet connection could be made for a couple of hours today (16th), not sure if it was nationwide or just my exchange ...alB

(Wirral area)

  lisa02 20:41 16 Nov 2006

My internet slowed to a crawl this evening but I'm in the process of my telephone number changing so it might be that...

  bluto1 23:12 16 Nov 2006

Similar to yours but no letter about maintenance.
However there are a number of schools locally where computers are used regularly. Possibility?

  alB 23:29 16 Nov 2006
  ened 06:25 17 Nov 2006

Actually I got a friend to look that up yesterday morning and the only entry was from Wednesday, I am not in London but in Cornwall. My father is 25 miles up the coast and had no problem. He is also with Tiscali.

At six-o-clock last evening I lost this site as well. I notice that a reply I typed to Jackcoms did not make it.

Interesting that they notified alB of planned maintenance because in ten years on the internet (mainly with Freeserve) I have never received such notification in advance.

This would prevent much frustration - I spent ages on the telephone and one Indian guy could not even get my telephone number right (I had to repeat it 4 times!). Then after all that he said he couldn't help me and I should call another (0870) No.

  Miros 09:05 17 Nov 2006

Didn't I read they are going to legislate against 0870 numbers? the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. When your hearing is starting to go with age as mine is, it's dammed annoying to get an Indian call centre and have to ask or repeat several times if you are picking up the bill.
The other day I got a Scottish guy and it was quite a relief to get him, normally I can have difficulties with the Scots accent.
I'm not against regional accents or foreign accents so long as I don't have to pay to understand what's being said.

  ened 17:06 17 Nov 2006

I know it is a day later but I would still like to know if anybody else suffered the same outage all day yesterday.

I am in the West Country.

  Jimmy14 17:22 17 Nov 2006

Tiscali Broadband was working fine up here in Scotland all day yesterday. I am after setting up my new Netgear router with Tiscali 8Mb Broadband, excellent!

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