What ISP? 56k Dial up

  simonp1 09:10 07 Feb 2003

I currently use AOL dial up, but the speeds are getting so slow ( my ping is 300 - 999) i am considering moving. I should be getting broadband in the next 3-4 months so i dont wish to have a 12 month contract. I do use the net a lot and at different times so im looking for a fixed monthly fee. I really would like a faster isp. As there are plenty of 56ker's still around, who would you recomend? Telewest or Ntl are not in my area.

  shanks1 09:29 07 Feb 2003

ntl world via a bt line is £15 a month for unlimited access plus includes £15 of telephone calls, if you spend over £15 on calls then you are charged the exact amount of calls, call charges are cheaper than bt too, only 30 days notice to cancel, but easy way of getting round that is to downgrade to free telephone service on last billing date

  anchor 09:30 07 Feb 2003

I would suggest, OneTel. I used them in the past, and found them good, and at reasonable cost.

You do not say if you want "anytime" access, or "pay as you go", but OneTel have good prices for both.

1p/minute , or £12.99 month.

click here

Cheaper phone calls too!.

  watchful 10:08 07 Feb 2003

I would recommend Freeserve anytime - £13.99 per month.
No call charges, no problems.

  beeuuem 12:42 07 Feb 2003

Freeserve Any time is currently on offer at £6-99 for the first three months on a monthly contract.
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As you going BB soon that would seem to suit you.

  simonp1 13:57 07 Feb 2003

Thanks all, looks like freeserve is going to be my best option while i wait for bb. Thanks again

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