What illegal stuff??

  Raywood 22:01 22 Dec 2003

I have just recieved an e-mail suggesting that my computer has been scanned. It claims that there is illegal movies, MP3s and software on my computer. All my software is legal with authenticated licenses. There is an attachment with a *.xl3 extention. I have deleted this e-mail. Is this a e-mail scam or American intelligence at its best?

  Jester2K 22:03 22 Dec 2003

Scam. Delete it.

  Raywood 23:24 22 Dec 2003

It is deleted. I think. It has been deleted from both the inbox and deleted Items. Do I need to take further action to get rid of it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:10 23 Dec 2003

'American intelligence at its best?'...contadiction in terms? ;-)))


  Forum Editor 00:12 23 Dec 2003

Don't let paranoia grip you. You've deleted the mail. Take no further action.

  apu10 20:53 24 Dec 2003

nah its a load of rubbish !

American intelligance ! haha

thats a good one !

  Stuartli 10:02 25 Dec 2003

I trust, if you are using OE, that you don't have the preview pane enabled if you elected to read this e-mail....

Disabling the preview pane permanently allows you to view an e-mail via its Properties and delete it safely if necessary.

  Raywood 11:33 27 Dec 2003

I hope I didn't offend any one too much about the 'American Intelligence' comment. It was supprising to get it as I always check who has got my e-mail address.

If I have OE do I need a patch. Was OE a guess or a target for this e-mail.

  Forum Editor 11:43 27 Dec 2003

by your remark, least of all the American intelligence service which (despite the disparaging comment from elsewhere) is extremely good.

One point arising from Stuartli's good advice on Outlook Express and the preview pane:

Many people don't realise that having the preview pane turned on can result in an increase in the amount of spam they receive. Clever spammers put tiny invisible images into the html e-mails that they send, and these reference images that are stored on the spammer's web site. When you preview the e-mail, your e-mail program goes off to the site to get the image and the spammers know that your e-mail address is 'live'.

  Stuartli 14:06 27 Dec 2003

Apart from your excellent point, the reason I raised the question of the preview pane is that, with it enabled, merely clicking on an infected e-mail could/can let loose all sorts of nasties....:-)

With the Preview Pane disabled, you can read the e-mail via Properties and then decide whether you wish to retain it or delete it using the top bar's Delete button.

However, even this method hasn't stopped Tiscali sending me dozens of unwanted e-mails a week - and I think it's hypocrisy on its part to try and get me to pay it to stop them.

  Stuartli 14:09 27 Dec 2003

The American intelligence service, along with that of Israel among others, has a superb record despite the occasional (and hardly unexpected in view of its massive workload) mishap.

Just one instance. The Americans warned the UK some 15 minutes before PW Fletcher was shot outside the Libyan Embassy that something was about to happen.

The British did nothing at the time and PW Fletcher paid the ultimate penalty.

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