What happens to the spare 1GB in a 4GB system

  Covergirl 19:24 25 Mar 2009

So Vista can only use 3GB (Unless it's 64bit) so what is the spare GB used for in all these systems we see with 4GB RAM?

Can it be used by the graphics card or some other system function or does it just sit there wasted?

  Kevscar1 19:57 25 Mar 2009

It's not used at all

  MAT ALAN 19:59 25 Mar 2009

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some good info here...

  Kevscar1 04:55 26 Mar 2009

re first article
He's wrong about the backward compatibility of 64bit Vista. Only one of my old games wouldn't run and some of the are 4 - 5 years old. Office 2003 and all my business progs run fine

  curofone 12:22 26 Mar 2009

vista 32 bit like all 32 bit operating systems can see 4gb not 3gb, and when i say see i mean can address.

This 4gb includes both RAM and video memory/graphics, now when you load up in to vista or any other 32bit os and it reports less that 4gb of ram it is not being wasted unless you have a dedicated graphics card as that obviously takes up a portions of the address. ie 4gb ram, 512mb graphhics card means 4.5gb in total but only 4gb can be addressed meaning 512mb is wasted.

If you have 4gb installed and sharded graphics then windows might only report 3gb becuase the sharded graphics will take up some of the address and the rest the memory that seem to be wasted probably would have been reserved by the operating system for essintal tasks.

needless say the 1gb that seems to have disappeared it not being wasted at all, btw i am no expert in this but i pretty sure everything i stated was correct and if not i am sure the FE will correct me.

  I am Spartacus 12:45 26 Mar 2009

You cannot use the full 4GB RAM on a Vista system unless it is a 64bit OS, the chipset is compatible and the BIOS supports memory remapping. You can 'see' it but not use it.

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The advantage of having 2 x 2GB sticks is that you can use a matched pair or if using 4 x 1GB sticks that the RAM will run in Dual Channel mode for a fractional performance increase.

  interzone55 13:31 26 Mar 2009

The missing 1gb is being wasted - it's been bought & paid for, but just sitting there doing nothing...

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