What is Free? windows 7

  cyndownes 17:36 24 Oct 2009

I purchased my new laptop at the end of August 09
with the impression that it comes with free windows 7 as part of my paid package when released.I was informed that all I had to do was take my laptop back it the store and they would install this for me.(I purchased my HP laptop from P.C. world.on this understanding) So today went back to store to be told to do this online and would have to pay for postage. I did this expecting to pay £5p.p not £21.99 then go back to store to have this downloaded. I feel P.C. world mislead me. I am a pensioner and rely on my laptop. it takes my two buses and and a 20 mim walk to get to my store which is no joke. So anyone what is the deffinition of FREE.

  Clapton is God 18:11 24 Oct 2009

"So anyone what is the deffinition of FREE"

Whatever it says in the written contract I assume you got from PC World.

  g40 19:28 24 Oct 2009
  curofone 20:44 24 Oct 2009

cant say i have much sympathy for you at all, all the adverts i saw which mentioned free windows 7 upgrade clearly stated there would be a shipping and handling fee.

and surely your copy of windows 7 would be free as you are only paying the shipping and handling fee that was clearly stated before you brought the machine you are not paying for windows 7 itself and therefore it is free.

did you ask pc world or hp how much the shipping and handling fee was going to be when you brought the machine? not there fault if you didnt ask.

and you dont have to take 2 buses and 20 min walk at all becuase quite simply you dont need to go back into store at all, you could train a monkey to press next during the installation wizard so i am sure your could have managed that yourself

  John Sutcliffe 21:40 24 Oct 2009

I think curofone is being somwhat hard on cyndownes, he/she is new to computing.
I can recall many years ago being very wary touching my PC in case I "broke it", I never did of course, but it was very daunting.
The whole point of forums like this is to advise fellow users respectfully, irrespecive of age and ability when they have problems with their PCs.
I still both seek and give advice on the various forums I am a member of.
As regards "What is Free", on the few times I have been in stores like PC World on many occasions I have found out they do not know their stock and what it can do and have been given duff info, some of it total rubbish to put it mildly. I can understand cyndownes being confused. All they want to do is to get the commission with no thought for the customer.
Personally I have found my local computer shop very helpful. I bought my present HP Pavillion high spec PC with many extras from them for a similar price as more basic models from the large stores

  spuds 00:16 25 Oct 2009

Being a pensioner myself, I fully know what it is like to not be alert like a younger person at times, old age, forgetfulness,wear and tear spring to mind perhaps. I would also state that some people including silver surfers perhaps need their computer and the internet to 'see' and 'speak' to the outside world on a readily daily basis, just as much if not more than a younger and perhaps much fitter person.

Reading the comments made by cyndownes wasn't in my opinion "having a go", but more like asking a straight forward question, and perhaps hoping for a more friendlier response.

  curofone 01:00 25 Oct 2009

cyndownes said that he feels that pcw had mislead him, i would personally say that is having a go at the integrity of the staff and the store, but maybe that is just me.

and persoanlly i do not believe they were mislead at all, well not unless he asking the question how much is the shipping and handling fee and was told a lesser amount and then in which case he would have been mislead.

People love to jump on forums like this and tell people how they have been mistreated by the big bad stores even when a lot of the time they really should take responsibility for the problems that have been caused. By all means tell us of your experience when the store a store is genuinely at fault (good DSGi example click here) but in this case i really do not think the store has a case to answer to at all, the copy of windows 7 you were promised for free is free and you pay the shipping and handling fee that is stated on all the adverts and literature about the free upgrade offer

ps the good thing about this forum unlike a lot of others is that the members actually post good experiences they have had with retailers.

  wee eddie 11:57 25 Oct 2009

Should we look a "Gift Horse" in the mouth.


be surprised when "the Pig that came in a Poke" turned out to be less than described.

These things should be built into our woodwork and have certainly been happening to us since the beginning of time.

  cyndownes 15:46 25 Oct 2009

Yes I am a female silver surfer disabled at that, and yes I can read small print I may be old but not stupid. I am very hurt by your comments this will certainly teach me a lesson in joining a forum from now on.

  Picklefactory 17:06 25 Oct 2009

Please don't be put off. Joining a forum is very much like venturing to your local pub. There will be some very friendly people there, and some not so friendly. Those latter ones are to be ignored or avoided, or at worst suffered, as the friendlier ones can be very helpful.
Some of the members here spend a lot of time helping others on this forum, and I think they sometimes forget that there are many newcomers who do not have the experience that the regular members here have.
It may be that curofone's not in a good mood today, but he really is a very helpful soul normally.

  flycatcher1 18:39 25 Oct 2009

Do not be put off forums by one comment. I rarely make an entry but I read and learn.
I wish that I was a real silver surfer but I am a little short of the silver - in more ways than one.

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