What DSLR Camera?

  Legolas 21:49 18 May 2009

I have a pretty reasonable point and shoot camera with a few manual controls and can take some not bad photos with it if the light is good. I am now looking to move up a notch and buy my first DSLR. My problem is not only which DSLR camera to buy but should I buy an older or cheaper model body only and have then more to spend on a better lens kit or should I buy a newer model with the stock lens kit included? For newer models I have been looking at the click here and for older/cheaper models body only click here

I know at the end of the day it will be my decision and there are many variables to be considered, but some input from the knowledgeable members on here, some I am sure who will know a thing or two about photography, will be very welcome.

  hssutton 22:19 18 May 2009

As you say it's your decision at the end of the day, But I would suggest that the lens is the most important part. So I would say an older camera + better lens is the way to go.

I often use my Canon 30D which is an 8Mp camera compared to my 5D @12.5Mp, as pixels are not all that important, unless you are going for very big prints.

As for which camera, well having used most of them, I can honestly say they are all capable of outstanding results.

  peter99co 22:45 18 May 2009

I landed a D50 for less than £200 and it is brilliant.

  peter99co 22:47 18 May 2009

The photograph is as good as the last lens it passes through. Get the best you can afford. Hold your breath when you shoot.

  Forum Editor 23:05 18 May 2009

rather than a Speakers Corner one, so I'll move it over now.

  Legolas 10:23 19 May 2009

I know it wasn't really a Speakers corner topic but since you moved it I have had no replies

  Stuartli 11:26 19 May 2009

Don't buy any camera on specifications alone - line up the ones that interest you and then try them out for ease of use and handling comfort before making a final decision.

The advice about the lens playing a key role in photographic quality is sound - I have a six or seven-year-old 2MP Minolta digital camera that delivers excellent quality prints up to A4 at least, thanks to a cracking 3x zoom lens.

  P1d 13:08 19 May 2009

I have a D40x which is/was classed as an entry level DSLR. It's an excellent camera but as stuartli says, it's best to go to a shop and try them out just to get a feel of the camera and controls then source a good price online.

The only issue with the D40 and D40x is the body doesn't have a motor therefore if you want auto-focus you have to buy lenses with the motor built in which makes them a little more expensive.

I'm far from a professional snapper but I am more than pleased with the results I have gained from the D40x.

I hope this helps.


  user8 15:52 19 May 2009

We recently bought a Panasonic DMC-FZ28.
Does the job & more.
Bought it on line at Dixons cheap as chips;-)

  donki 16:36 19 May 2009

You really have to go in and try the out a DSLR they arent anything like using a normal point and shot. You do handle them alot more during usage and knowing the layout and it being comfortable in your hand is so important. I went for the Canon 1000d with I was really happy with initially until I used it during a day out of prolonged usage and by the end of the day my hand was really sore and stiff. This was because the 100d has a very small handle and I have quite a big hand lol.

I went for the 450d which is slightly higher than entry level and I have been over the moon with it.

Thing to remember is that the picture quaility of nearly all DSLR's (apart from the pro range) will be the same, and they nealy all do the same thing and have mostly the same features. The 2 most important things in image quality is firstly the user and secondly the quality of your glass.

Your looking at the 500d which I have used and liked but you are mainly paying for its ability to take video which tbh if your wanting to take picutres is a bit unnecessary. If you had that money to spend id go for a 450d and get a great quaility lens, or any of the other makes of DSLR with a quality lens.

  bobbybowls 18:03 19 May 2009

if you know any one in America, or planing a trip. a friend got the 450d which is the rebel xsi in the usa. it was in a kit with a lens, tripod, bag and spare memory card for $700 at cosco. despite it being a cheap lens the pictures are excellent.

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