What do you think of this PC deal ?

  Killuminati 19:39 01 Jun 2006

Performance PC. Pentium D 2MB Cache. (940 Pentium D 3.2 , Standard Case , 17" TFT, Nvidia 7300GS 128MB , 250GB Sata 2 Hard Drive , 2048 DDR , Xp Home With SP2 & Disc , 16 X DVD Dual Layer Writer , 54Mpbs Wireless Card )

For around £700 from pcoption.co.uk inc. tax and shipping

What do you think ? I want it for mostly general purpose (surfing net, storing music/ videos, doing work etc) with slight emphasis on gaming


  donki 20:12 01 Jun 2006

Tepends wot ur using ur pc for, the core of the system is good but depending on gaming or office applications ur wanting.

  donki 20:15 01 Jun 2006

didnt read lol

its not far off my spec, but unfortunately i had to change the GFX card. the 7300 has good features but wont run top games like Oblivion, FEAR or MOH at high resoolution. Im a bit AMD fan so id go for a dual core AMD. Which should be cheaper.

  Killuminati 20:16 01 Jun 2006

Mostly for surfing the internet, downloading/storing music and videos, moderately concerned with games but not too much, some word processing

You think it's a good choice ?

  Killuminati 20:20 01 Jun 2006

dual core AMD is £70 dearer from that site

  donki 21:18 01 Jun 2006

The AMD is definitely a better processor in my opinion, but saying that your system is more than capable of what your requirements are. The only concern would be the 7300 for gaming. I picked up a 7800GT for around £150 on ebay so it isnt really a big deal. Oh also a widescreen monitor is a nice toy.

  richardcockbain 10:25 02 Jun 2006

I've just purchased an AMD 3700 from click here and installed a 1600XT graphics card from E-buyer for less than £100.

If you prefer Intel then they also supply these too.

  GaT7 19:00 02 Jun 2006

As the others have said, I would go in for a better graphics card - depends on the games you're going to play really.

Btw, what monitor - make & model - is it exactly? I'd be concerned as it's not mentioned on their website. Also, consider a 19" monitor if it'll fit in your budget.

I also feel the memory is too much - 1Gb would be more than sufficient for your PC usage. Spend the money saved on a couple of smaller drivers (e.g. 160Gb x2) - use one as a sytem+data backup should the first one fail. It's easy to install more memory in the future if needed, but it's far more problematic (expensive, maybe impossible) retrieving data from a failed disk. G

  oracler 19:48 02 Jun 2006

Whatever you do, don't buy from Mesh.

  Starfox 20:40 02 Jun 2006

What's wrong with Mesh?

  donki 01:23 04 Jun 2006

Buy MESH best build quality & preformance....... as long as ur one of the lucker guys, Ive had NO problems.

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