What do you think of this Computer ?? Spec etc

  russmini 10:35 21 Aug 2008

Following on from a previous thread asking advise on a New Computer, i've found a Lovely Dell that i'm Happy with, but, then i walked into Comet and found this...

click here

Now i think it looks a Pretty Damn Good spec PC. Seems to have all that the Dell has got and at a comparable Price...

What do you Experianced Knowleagable People think ???

Thanks... Again...


  DippyGirl 11:46 21 Aug 2008

You arent getting a monitor - so hope you are comparing oranges and oranges
graphics and processor "tbc"
If 32bit VistaHP I dont think the extra Gb of RAM will be used
Have you checked the TestCentre Top5 charts in the mag?

  GRIDD 11:50 21 Aug 2008

Where's your other thread so I can see the Dell?

  GaT7 15:46 21 Aug 2008

The HP you linked to has only has a 8400GS (click here) & no monitor.

GRIDD, the Dell PC s/he refers to is click here - suggested in this thread click here. S/he could sell the 22" monitor & still save a lot over the HP.

In direct comparison to the HP, here's another Dell suggestion click here for £504 - no monitor, but better quad-core CPU & much better graphics card than the HP PC. Go through Quidco click here & get ~£21 cashback.

The other Dell PC I suggested for just £305 click here isn't as powerful, but extremely good value with the option for XP+Vista & 500Gb hard drive for only £17 more. G

P.S. If you buy the Comet PC, you'll get 3.5% cashback if you buy online & via click here

  russmini 22:19 21 Aug 2008

Thanks for your Help so far guys.

I'm awaiting on a Phone Call now, that i've been promised for Tomorrow.

After that i'll really be able to see which direction i'll go in.


Thanks again mate.

There's just 1 Big Problem with the Dell ones... They're the Business side, and therefore you cannot get the Buy now Pay Later option, and as i said on the other Thread, i really Can't afford to Buy it Lock, Stock and Barrell... Shame i know...

Cause that last one (£504) you linked to is Very Nice.

  GRIDD 22:48 21 Aug 2008

Stick with Crossbow7's suggestions.

  russmini 11:52 23 Aug 2008


Think your £504 option is looking the Most Likely, i Keep looking back at it...

Just a couple of other Questions regarding that one:

Office... Have used this for Years and not sure how i'd cope with just Works 9.0. I Don't use it a lot, but looks like there isn't Outlook etc as i use now, or am i Totally Wrong ?

LAN... Is there one Included, not quite sure what i'm looking at on there for it to say it. I use my LAN connection in mine at the moment, i prefer it over my Wireless, just Never seemed that Good, but that could just be my Computer.

Think thats it.


Business... Presume it's fine then that i'm Not a Business to Buy from that side of Dell ? Is there anything i should be putting if/when i Order it ?

Thanks again..


  russmini 11:57 23 Aug 2008

Ah, yes, there is another...


I have Kaspersky, so would it be best to check the, No Security/Anti Virus Protection ?

At least that way i wouldn't have Unwanted stuff on there...

Thanks Yet Again...

  GaT7 13:42 23 Aug 2008

Well, here are a few more Dell quad-core PCs to consider from the HOME site:
- £420
click here [remove monitor, but upgrade 2Gb RAM from elsewhere if required]
- £509 click here [remove monitor]
- £499 click here

Yes, you're right about Outlook not being present. I think it only comes with MS Office, or can be purchased as standalone product. There are free alternatives though, e.g. Thunderbird click here. If you need a good comlete office suite, look no further than the free OpenOffice click here.

Yes, it's fine to be buying from Dell Business even if you're not a 'business'. When buying, just put your surname as the name of business if required to do so. Don't forget to go via Quidco first to get cashback.

Yes, any new computer you buy these days has a LAN connection/socket as standard (btw, easily remedied on an older PC without LAN by adding a cheap PCI network card).

Kaspersky, along with some anti-spyware (many free ones available), will be fine.

Just looking at the Dells, in particular from the Home site, they come with Vista as standard. Just make sure it's what you want, as many have regretted the change from XP & have had to purchase XP media separately at added cost.

Also notice that the £504 Dell (click here), comes with quite a good gaming graphics card in the 8800GT - would've been better for you I guess (as a non-gamer) if they had a much lesser card & reduced the price by £50-60. But the Dell's fom the Home site are fine in this regard.

Finally, remember as a basic user & non-gamer you could easily get away with a much lesser machine that's considerably lower in price (as alerady suggested in your other thread click here). Quad-core PCs are really only required for resource-hungry & 'number crunching' tasks. G

  GaT7 13:50 23 Aug 2008

Quidco Dell click here if buying from the home site.

Some info about cashback sites click here, click here & click here. G

  russmini 15:00 23 Aug 2008

Thanks again mate, You are a Star...

Well, Definatly be 1 of those... Decisions Decisions...

The Beauty now of Finally getting something Very Good, will be the ability to do all my Video Editing and Hosting etc etc i've longed for for so long.

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