what do people think

  westdudes 19:02 18 Jan 2004

im just reading the ebuyer section in the new pc advisor...under cd/dvd writers you'll see that asus and sony have dvd writers on there...same spec.. 4x dual/r/rw ide burner..not including vat... asus priced £71.99 and sony £105.92

and the same goes with alot of things that sony sell.... such as desktop's, laptops, etc...

the question is...are sony just a company that uses there name to charge high prices...or are they really that good that i should never consider the 'cheaper but equal' product?

(hope i havn't made it too confusing...just a though...what do people think?)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:28 18 Jan 2004

Trinitrons are pretty hard to beat. Sony make well-engineered and innovative products. Their kit is usually first class. first for sale and expensive. Personally I would go for the Asus as they are a well-known name and the reading/burining heads in the recorders are probably made by the same company ;-))


  josie mayhem 20:16 18 Jan 2004

Between these two companies, I think the name is where the money comes in.

It's amazing what a name does, when I brought my last telly, I was looking at two, side by side, one was a knowen branded the other was shop branded, two different prices. I was a bit sepical when the shop assistant said that the lower shop branded telly, was identical to the branded, except of the badge on the front. But he proved it, if you looked through the air grills just above the tube, on each telly you could see the markers lable on the tube, both were from the branded company.

So personaly myself, I would go for the cheaper one if the spec were identical.

  Joe McG 20:18 18 Jan 2004


Sony make exceptional monitors, but with a lot of personal experiences, i would definitely recommend the Asus burner.

  accord 21:03 18 Jan 2004

You may find that you are paying for the Sony name hence the higher price but i bet that the components are the same inside.

I was told some years ago that Aiwa is part of Sony and use the same components as Sony, but are considerable cheaper than Sony.

You will find this alot in the semicon industry with companies using the same suppliers for components. Just take a look at the various laptops on the market now, half of them use the same case and screen. There was an article in pcpro about 6 months ago about taiwanese/chinese/japanese companies making these products then selling them onto the BIG names in IT for them top rebrand.

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