What case for old hard drive?

  sheila.weston 17:21 15 Oct 2009

My ?six-year-old XP Mesh computer is finally coming to the end of its useful life. It has two hard drives and I would like to put one of them into a case to use as an external drive, keeping all the old data.

Are there different types of cases? Are there any questions which I should ask? I know that PC World have one type in stock. Amazon have several at click here.

I will be using it with my Vista laptop and, probably, for a new Windows 7 desktop or laptop.

Thanks for any advice, as always.

  BT 17:29 15 Oct 2009

I've just ordered one of these. I chose this one because its suitable for IDE or SATA drives
click here

  sharpamat 19:57 15 Oct 2009

whilst a caddy is a good idea ( you can keep both drives and swap them ) I prefer to have one with its own power supply rather than just useing USB power

  DieSse 22:35 15 Oct 2009

The one referenced by BT does have a power supply included.

  sheila.weston 22:36 15 Oct 2009

May I clarify? The USB Combo attaches to the laptop via a USB cable and doesn't need a power cable, Yes? That would save an extra cable. My laptop is connected to its own power supply and doesn't leave my office.

The size is 3.5". Why are there different sizes? Aren't hard drives all the same size?

  DieSse 23:45 15 Oct 2009

The difference between external drive boxes depends what size (and therefore what power) the drives need.

Laptop drives (2.5") cases may not need power beyond that which a USB connection can supply.

Desktop sized drives (3.5") cases do need extra power, that's why they almost invariably come with an external power supply.

It doesn't matter whether of not the system is mains or battery powered - it's the limit on power that USB ports supply.

So what size drives are you proposing to attach to your new PC?

  DieSse 23:47 15 Oct 2009

The case BT suggested is for 3.5" drives and needs, and comes with, a power supply.

  BT 08:05 16 Oct 2009

There is a 2.5" version as well. Its linked to a bit further down the Amazon page.

  sheila.weston 10:29 16 Oct 2009

By size, I assume that you mean GIGAs? I have just realised that my Mesh HD is only 250 giga and not worth making into an external drive as I have about 100 giga of data on it. It is copied onto another external drive, in any case.

Many thanks for helping me sort my ideas out.


  DieSse 16:51 16 Oct 2009

"By size, I assume that you mean GIGAs?"

No - I meant inches - that's why I put inches. Desktop drives are physically bigger and so need more powerful motors and draw more current - normally more than a USB port can supply.

  BT 16:55 16 Oct 2009

It would still make a useful sized External drive. You can get an awful lot of stuff in 150GB

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