What Camcorder?

  Wirral Bagpuss 00:58 04 Mar 2004

I am interested in buying my first camcorder. I have trawled the internet and read more reviews than was offered by the Oscars! I am still confused!! I don't want to waste my hard earnt cash so what is a good buy? I have narrowed it down to either a Sony Pcr 105E or a Cannon 650i. Can anyone recommend a camcorder or advise which of the two named camcorders is a better buy? I want a camcorder to record my surroundings both inside and outside as well as taking holiday video's.

Many Thanks!

  byfordr 08:09 04 Mar 2004

When I was looking for a camcorder a few weeks back I also narrowed it down to Canon or Sony, I ended up buying a Sony DCR-TRV33 (£480 on a price match in Jessops) Check them out in the shops, both are reasonably light, with execellent picture image. In my opinion I found the Sony slightly better for sound (You can a external microphone)

There seems to be a fair price difference between the 2. Around £600 Sony DCR-PC105 and £470 for the 650i

Also I think the 650i is the old model, the new one the 750i is in the shops now (About £440 uk stock) click here
Try them out first after all you don't want to be stuck with something you hate. Then head online and try click here click here click here (Try to source it Uk some people have had trouble with Pixmania!) If you want it in the shops somewhere like Jessops may match it or come near. (I had to go to 2 of their shops before they matched the price) HTH R

  Smiler 12:42 04 Mar 2004

I bought the Canon 650i a couple of weeks ago from here click here They aren't doing the 650i now but have a good deal on the 750i - £439
I am very pleased with the 650i, loads of features easy to use good software and free wide angle attachment. etc etc. So the 750i should be even better.

  961 19:01 04 Mar 2004

Whichever you buy ensure that it has DV-in as well as DV-out so that after you have edited your pictures on your computer you can download the completed movie back into the camera for viewing on tv etc without having to create a dvd

Some cameras do not have this and it is a serious problem

Both Canon and Sony produce good lenses and at the end of the day that is what it is all about

  Jonathan314159 20:05 04 Mar 2004

I'd go to the shop and try them out - see which one you prefer. Bet you find you have a strong preference for the feel and controls of one compared to the other, something you can't really pick up from just reading reviews.

I dont know the cameras you're talking about, although have a Sony myself, and its great. But I assume that both will do a good job. And as 961 says, make sure it has DV in.

  lixdexik 22:30 04 Mar 2004

I am realy pleased with it so far. this is the third Sony camcorder that I have bought in 12 years, I have never had a problem untill the sixth year, then they seem to be worn out. My only real requirements were that it should be compact with wide screen, stereo sound and dv input, this camera is just fine for me. After much searching on the net and in the shops I found the best price at click here some £200 cheaper than the shops. they phone up to arrange a convenient delivery day & time.. well worth a look. the camera was delivered as promised on the day they said.

Hope this helps

Cheers Lixdexik.

  bfoc 23:07 04 Mar 2004

Make sure you try them personally.

This is one area where personal preference as regards handling is paramount, because there can be a huge difference bewteen models and brands.

When my wife and I looked some months ago we just could not agree on which felt best and so have not yet bought.

So do see which you, and anyone else who might use it, prefer!

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