What to buy?

  discus man 22:23 14 Jul 2004

OK so finally go the Gericom-Aldi laptop returned and time to spend my hard earned cash on a replacement.

Looking in the £1000 to £1300 range..

Main uses digi photo work, navigation, multimedia and general office work etc., will be travelling with it and probable be using it in a car with over an invertor!!


Centrino or not Centrino??? looking at probably 1.5 or 1.6 obviously read that this is equiv of a 2.6-3 gig processor but......

In reality how does it cope? will I see a major drop off in photo processing? general speed?

Also short list is probably Sony or Toshiba (ok want it to look good!!!)

So Vaio or P10/P20 ????

  Diodorus Siculus 14:09 15 Jul 2004

Toshiba would be my preference between these two; I like Toshibas a lot and have had a couple of them.

Why not have a look at Novatech? They will look much better than the Gericom! Good quality and good prices.

Centrino is certainly the way forward for mobile computing as far as I am concerned.

  discus man 19:08 15 Jul 2004

Been using Novatech on and off for a few years mostly for components.... my dad lives about 2 miles from them...

The laptop is actually my wifes machine (Keeps her off my desktop lol!!!!!) and after the problems we have had with Gericom, she wants a high street brand....

Now I refuse to by HP/COmpaq, never to sure of Fujitsu. though am sure they are well built machines....

My thoughts on the two brands....

Saw Toshiba P10 last year in Chicago, hadnt seen it over here before...but wasnt really in the market.... wife saw it and fell in love!!!

Sony... both my digicams U20 and V1 are Sony ,will (hopefully) be replacing my PalmV with a clie before they stop manufacturing them all together.

Appreciate name branding isnt everything but.. the cameras and clie both run memory stick as native and while its an open system....

Also loks like Sony bundle a +- drive far further down the range than Toshiba do... Obviously this has a lot to do with Toshibas position on the DVD Forum and Sonys in ability to have their DVD +R's play on the majority of home DVD players... but I digress!!!!

ANy more ideas?

Do you actually have a centrino? am currently getting mixed reports... at least o n the 1.5/1.6's that I will be able to afford

  andrew-216448 19:13 15 Jul 2004

how about looking at this one. good deal for the money. :click here

  andrew-216448 19:13 15 Jul 2004

how about looking at this one. good deal for the money. :click here

  discus man 19:22 15 Jul 2004

Apart from the fact that microanvika seem to have cut the processer speed from 3.4 to 3 by a quarter the way down the screen :) :) :)

Not sure about a mobile athlon....

Now dont get me wrong every machine I have built in the last 3 years has had "AMD Inside", think they are excellent chips and great value for money....

A couple of my friends have 64bit Athlons.. Evesham axis and a self build on an MSi board (I think)....


I just dont understand how the heat and power requirments of a 64bit Athlon really sit along side the needs and format of a laptop!!!

Think I'll hold the 64bit Athlon off for until the new socket standard is up running and cheap for the desktop!!!

All that said big THANKS, Pam .... probably going to MicroAnivka in Birmingham Selfridges this weekend...if only to stare at the sony's / toshiba's and crumpler bags!!!! :)

ANy more?

  andrew-216448 19:42 15 Jul 2004

how about this one: click here+(1.7AGHZ)+1GB+60GB+HDD+DVD%2fRW+56K+ENET+WIRELESS+WXH+15+SXGA%2b+TFT+NOTEBOOK/index.htm

  discus man 19:46 15 Jul 2004

Not what I was looking for.... but might well be a winner thanks Pam!!!!!

  andrew-216448 19:57 15 Jul 2004

maybe this one is for you: click here

  discus man 20:04 15 Jul 2004

Thats one of the two ranges I've been looking at, though probably an 802/803 or P20 really want +-dvdr/rw if getting internal dvd writter at all.

Dont think thats a very keen price for this model particularly ex demo!!!!!

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