What broadband service ?

  ZootHornRollo 08:57 29 Sep 2003

As well as buying a new PC next month I want to move to Broadband. I have no experience of it and am currently on BT 's Openworld Dial up service. BT Broadband doesn't include email I belive so which provider should I go for?

  -pops- 09:11 29 Sep 2003

Well, you could go for BT Yahoo broadband (used to be BT Openworld broadband).

  The GnoMe 09:16 29 Sep 2003
  Flak999 14:51 29 Sep 2003

I have just moved to broadband and am using Freeserve the service has performed faultlessly and i am very happy no dropped connections and very fast speeds!

  Dipso 23:08 03 Oct 2003

My advice is to do some research first.click here= also click here= for some of the things to consider before making your decision. I have had 2 suppliers to date. I chose the first because they had a 1 month contract so if I found I didn't want to stay with them I could just cancel. Some suppliers tie you in to a 12 month contract, so beware! I also got free connection the first time around and a discounted USB modem. Something else to consider - how do you wish to connect, USB modem, PCI or a router. I am now with click here who offer a Pay As You Go service. Whilst with my first provider I monitored my usage click here and worked out that I could save myself at least £10 a month by switching provider. Hope this helps.

  Tim1964 00:04 04 Oct 2003

Another route may be via cable BUT, as an NTL 'victim' I could not recommend them as I have been having diabolical browsing speeds/lockups and hanging blank pages for days now and cannot get an answer on the phone (gave up after 30mins on hold!)

Although the speeds are fine if you only want to go online after 11pm or before 8am.

  Forum Editor 08:11 04 Oct 2003

is the same as -pops-, stay with BT and go for the BT Yahoo ADSL broadband service. It's the same service that recently changed its name from BT OpenWorld broadband, and it's the longest-running broadband service of all.

I've used it for over two years, and it has been extremely reliable.

  wags 09:30 04 Oct 2003

I have been with Pipex for 2 mths now. click here They are still doing a great deal at £17.57 for activation, inc. modem and 2 filters. £23.44 per month. I ordered online and it was all up and running in 5 working days. Great service and reliable (to date)

  MIKE 15:39 10 Oct 2003

Have been using telewest 'blueyonder' broadband for over a year and never had any problems

  Yo Sammady Sam 16:12 10 Oct 2003

i have been using freeserve broadband for 2-3 months now with no probs so far. probably best to stick with someone you know to be reliable. Just watch how long the contract is for eg 12 months before signing away your money. Either way broadband is great!! :)

I would hesitate in recomending BT for the very simple reason that they (to my mind) have simply not got their act together yet!

I was with BT Openworld for two years, like FE I found the service to be faultless and reliable. Customer services, when I used them once, were excellent.

However, Try moving house and taking your account with you and you will run into all sorts of problems that illustrate just how behind the times BT are. OK, they provide all BB in the UK (well nearly) and sell to other ISP's. However, they have also got one hell of a "red tape" syndrome that defies belief!

First, i had to cancel my account. Then wait five days before I could REQUEST a new BB connection at the new house then wait a further FOURTEEN days before this was activated - three weeks in all! Despite many emails that was the way they wanted to play it.

Phoned Nildram. They had my line connected to their 1mbps service within two days of moving in (and 17 days less than BT). However, the gripe does not end there -

Each month the tell you that if payment is not collected succesfully they will suspend your account with immediate effect. Fair enough. However, terminate your account and they tell you that it takes an extra TEN DAYS before it can be ceased. This worked out to ten days of connection that I could not use as I had moved house! To top it all, I cancelled my direct debit and then received an email saying that they had suspended my account as I had not paid while another department was still persisting in telling me that they could not do this very thing and that I did have to wait ten days for suspension (at MY request).

Go for a dedicated ISP that is not burried under masses of red tape. To date Nildram have been faultless.

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