what is best virus software

  suedeblue 12:35 02 May 2004

I've got Norton 2004 but want to ensure that it is one of the best as I've heard conflicting reports.

  byfordr 13:00 02 May 2004

using norton 2003 no problems. Just brought another year...


  Steven135 13:01 02 May 2004

Have never had a problem with NAV been running it for years it has caught every nasty. Folk will swear by the product of their preference in my view you have got one of the best AV programs

  Andybear 14:43 02 May 2004

I'm also using Norton 2003, with all the updates. So far, no problems or conflicts. Norton's got a mention in the latest edition of PCA - in the 'Protect and Serve' Workshop section.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:05 02 May 2004

All well-known AVs are good. If any lets through a virus it will do no harm and be merely annoying. I have yet to see a single reason why a home user should pay for an AV but Ho hum, each to their own.


  suedeblue 15:24 02 May 2004

thanks all for feedback

  spuds 17:13 02 May 2004

Possibly worth a browse click here

  anchor 17:41 02 May 2004

A few months ago a another PC magazine did a comparison of antivirus programmes. Norton and McAfee came out equal best.

I have used Norton A/V for years, (currently 2004), and its never let me down. It is important to remember that any antivirus programme is only as good as its definition file. Norton release a new update almost daily. Check here frequently:

click here

Norton Live-Update only changes weekly, unless something drastic occurs.

  sctang 19:41 02 May 2004

I've used norton anti virus for many years, however, it's not even in the top 10 for anti virus software. One thing I dont like about norton antivirus (my version is 2004) is that it tells you that you have a virus after u have been infected, which is rather ludicrous.

Here's a link to the top ten anti virus out there:

click here

  DAG88 19:54 02 May 2004

is that website that sctang posted a link to trustworthy. i was once a very big fan of panda (which comes no. 2 on that) until i was put off by the amount of negative reviews on download.com

  sctang 04:10 03 May 2004

Well, the thing is, dont read too much about reviews, if you're comfortable with what you are using, then theres no need to change. I mean, I used to swear by norton, however, they've become too complacent due to their commercial success.

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