What is the best Games Platform?

  CoolCat 10:39 14 Dec 2003

I know that this is not a technical Q, but I am interested in finding out what you and your children use.

1. GameCube
2. PC
3. Play Station 2
4. XBox

It would be nice if we could have a Poll feature on this Forum. ;-)

  Forum Editor 10:55 14 Dec 2003

that there is a definitive answer - it's a bit like asking "what is the best printer?" It depends on many things and is subject to personal preference. We're not primarily a gaming magazine, and we don't plan a poll, but I'm sure you'll get plenty of input on this. It doesn't really belong in the Helproom however, so I'll move it to Consumerwatch.

  tenplus1 12:41 14 Dec 2003

Looking at all my friends, family and associates I'd say that the Playstation 2 is the best gaming platform to date...

The Gamecube is a close 2nd since Mario games are always a big hit...

The Playstation has it's iToy camera, light guns, joypads, boom boxes and rumble kits with a host of games to match each bit of hardware...

And there's no lack of PS/2 games either, plus it even plays PSone games too, so you got loads there also...

  soy 14:12 14 Dec 2003

We have a playstation 2 in our house. I chose playstation over the other two mainly becuase it has more games (and the game sthat I like) avaiable for it.

Xbox has the best graphics but the games range isn't that good.

Gamecube is aimed at younger children and the games its has, reflects this.

  ray27 14:44 14 Dec 2003

Mself , son , friends and all my grandchildren all have ps2's
Soms of them also have gamecube and x box but we all prefer the PS2 due to the large amount of games available and it also as the advantage of doubleing up as a DVD player

  Rayuk 15:28 14 Dec 2003

The best games platform is the pc when it comes to quality.

What is the most popular platform is a different question.

  citadel 16:33 14 Dec 2003

the pc is best there are great games that would never work on a console. I think some new games are being shortened to be multi-format. When I buy a game I want more than 10 hours play.

  Raywood 16:59 14 Dec 2003

Games seem a little bit cheaper for the PC. Or am I looking at all the old games?

  Starfox 17:13 14 Dec 2003

Your choice of games platform is purely a matter of personal taste but here are a few observations from a gamer who uses all the following platforms.
Playstation 2-the market leader with lots of games suitable for all ages,has some very good games but also a lot of dross so best to read the magazine reviews before splashing out on expensive games.Comes with a built in dvd player but don't expect top quality film viewing.

Nintendo gamecube-The last of the consoles to hit the shops so got left at the start a little.Has some excellent games and many(but not all)are for younger gamers.Nintendo games tend to have something that is lacking in many other games- long life playability.No built in DVD player but a modem for on line play is now available.

X-Box-New kid on the block with a good choice of games,which tend to be fairly expensive but not as many crappy games as Playstation.Also comes with a built in DVD player but at the time I bought mine you had to buy a remote etc to watch the dvd's and this was quite expensive.

PC-The best platform for games if you have a good spec pc.Best graphics and games are relatively cheap compared to consoles.The only downside is that many games are not joystick/gamepad compatible and playing using a keyboard is not ideal for serious gaming.

Raywood You are right.

PC Games are cheaper.

This is because with PC's there is no one specific brand unlike PS2 Nintendo and Microsoft.

Any games developer that work's with teh console's has to pay a royalty fee to the 3 companies purely for releasing on their platform.

So being that PC's dont have any one company controlling them, PC users dont play royalties!

  Pesala 20:50 14 Dec 2003

A Table-Tennis Table. Gets the kids out and gives them some exercise. (~_~)

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