What BB speed should I expect

  ened 17:27 24 Jul 2006

I know this has been discussed before but yesterday my Tiscali BB connection was only giving me incoming speeds of 0.1-0.3 Mbps.

I am supposed to be on the 1meg service which would be fine for my requirements if it were maintained.

Very frustratingly I contacted their Tech. Support only to receive replies in which the English was so poor I had to request a clarification (Still waiting).

This morning I was back up to 0.9, which is what I normally receive and have been happy with this.

I appreciate that it will fluctuate depending on demand but: tonight I am back to only 0.5 and my question is what could/should I reasonably expect?

  dth 17:33 24 Jul 2006

I am with BT internet and usually get about 95% of my 1gb speed. It does fluctuate but not by much - so it sounds like something is not quite right.

  jamescrocket 17:38 24 Jul 2006

I'm with Virgin 4MB, current speed 3.9MB :-)

  ened 18:09 24 Jul 2006

Is nobody with Tiscali anymore?

  spuds 18:50 24 Jul 2006

"Is nobody with Tiscali anymore?". Of course there are, I am one of them :O)

Running 'up to' 2mb package, and two different test show adslguide 1.47mbps dslzoneuk 1.43mbps

  Totally-braindead 18:59 24 Jul 2006

I'm with Tiscali and just did their speedtest a few times to see what its at now, I'm on the 1mb service and am getting between 800kbps and 1100kbps.

  ened 19:38 24 Jul 2006

Well I am about to go off line for the night but the latest reading is 186kbps.

This can't be right and I have as yet not received a reply from Tiscali.

It is not my fault and therefore I see no point in ringing their extortionate helpline.

As far as I am concerned this is a breach of contract and I don't feel I have an obligation to stay with them for the full 12 months unless they sort this out.

I would be interested to know if anybody thinks I am within my rights.

  Totally-braindead 20:05 24 Jul 2006

Give them a chance to sort it first.

  josie mayhem 23:31 24 Jul 2006

sadly if you try to end your contact early using speed as breach of contract, you will find this won't stand. Unless they got you to upgrade on a line that couldn't take the optium speed in the first place and hadn't informed you of the lower obtainable speed. I'm on the BT BB 'upto' 8mb service, but from the on set I knew that my max speed would actualy be 6.5mb's. And I live within 1/2 mile of my local exchange! I can see the flipping exchange from my window!!!!

As all contracts refer to the speed as being 'upto xxmb' this means the fastest possiable speeds obtainable in ideal conditions (which in realality very rarely happen)

You really only have two choices, that is either to phone the help line to see if there is some sort of fault on your line that needs sorting to improve your situation, or wait until your contract is up and move to another provider...

There is another two options available and there are, pay your remaining contract off and then move....


stop paying your monthly bb fee and stop paying BT, you will be cut of the BB quicker than BT cuts your line, but once BT has cut your line this releases the BB conection to your provider, you then say sorry to BT and get your line reinstated and choose a new provider... The only problem with the latter you need to hope that the BB provider doesn't chase you for the remainding contract money (in my case pipex didn't) but there again there is the time factor, you need to use daile up while you are waiting for BT to cut your line....

I would like to add at this point the only reason I found this out, I was in disagreement with pipex and refusing to pay until everything was sorted at the time, and unknownly to me there was a cock up on one DD to BT and then no more was paid (needed to reset payments)and pipex have never contacted me about paying the last remaining 4 months of my contract...

And at the end of the day, you only really notice the lack of speed with BB, when you are downloading a very large file....

  ened 07:14 25 Jul 2006

I have just received a mail from Tiscali which seems to admit there is a problem with the line but in order to resolve the matter:

These tests cannot be performed at this helpdesk. Kindly contact our Broadband Technical Support team on 0870 744 2922 between 8:00 – 00:00 hrs!!!!!

So to resolve an issue which is not of my making they want me to dial an 0870 No.

I don't think so - I would rather find a more customer orientated isp (If such a beast exists)

  spuds 15:24 25 Jul 2006

Have you tried click here for an alternative number.

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