What bank sort code is this 16-00-06?

  josie mayhem 19:54 19 Feb 2005

Reason, for wanting this information is that I suspect that BRITISH GAS will not be telling there customer of there GROSS Mistake.

They have sent to my address (when the envelope arrived, all you could see was my address and no name through the window)some-one elses banking details, name, account number, and bank/building sort code. Because the address is mine at the top of the letter I can not send it on, but if I know which bank the sort code belongs to, I can then at least send it to the bank/building society, and then they can inform the person of the breach of there personal details, by BRITISH GAS and they can take action that they feel appropriate.

  ajm 20:33 19 Feb 2005

Bank Branch - Bolton
Sort Code - 16-00-06

  ajm 20:33 19 Feb 2005

Royal Bank of Scotland

  walesrob 20:46 19 Feb 2005

16-xx-xx is used by Royal Bank of Scotland branches or subsidary companies. As for the exact location of the branch, try contacting RBOS.

  alB 20:47 19 Feb 2005

16-00-06 is the sort code for Royal Bank of Scotland branches in the Bolton area, probably the best one to get in touch with is Bolton Central 46/48 Deangate Bolton BL1 1BH ...alB

  josie mayhem 21:28 19 Feb 2005

Wonders will never cease!

When I phoned British gas, they tried telling me, that postie had posted through the wrong letter box, they couldn't get there head around that except the name, the rest of the address was mine address right down to the post code on it.

And the post code can't get mixed up because I live in somerset, and our post codes start with 'T'

But I will see if I can get a phone number for the branch that alB has given, and give them a ring on monday, see what they have to say.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:12 19 Feb 2005

TA covers much of South Somerset, where I too live. Further North the postcodes are BS, for Bristal and BA for Bath. I grew up near Wells which is BA.

  josie mayhem 22:28 19 Feb 2005

Wells isn't that far off, But if I say the 'Home of the best Carnival in the world'

I think you will know exactly where I come from!

  JAN-BOY 23:26 19 Feb 2005


  josie mayhem 00:04 20 Feb 2005

I can tell that you're not a local lad!

That Bridgewater with the 'E' is in Canada!

My Bridwater is spelt with out the 'E' in the middle, and the town goes into uproar when a 'E' is put into the middle, just ask the RAC, and a world wide fast food chain store, that put the 'E' in the middle.

But getting back to my thread, I had a little search of the royal bank of scotland, website and found a e-amail address, so have fired of an e-mail to them and await a reply.

  wiz-king 07:26 20 Feb 2005

It was probably meant to be a 'B' in the postcode, mis-heard by somone at a call center. As they often work by postcode only it is easy to get it wrong, if the first letter of a postcode is wrong then it could be 100's of miles away. I keep getting stuff for the owner of an aston-martin sports car, I've told the firm but it still comes, last year he ordered a nice new Orange cellphone but they wanted back -boo hoo.

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