What is AOL like?

  ened 10:39 18 Sep 2007

After eighteen months I have finally reached the end of the road with my present isp.

I am thinking of going with AOL but do not wish to find myself out of the frying pan…..

The main question is what is their customer service like?

Also I would like to know if the connection is reliable and is the speed as promised?

My present isp connects first time every time – but that is where the positive aspect ends. However that is quite a plus even though the speed is not always there.

I would very much appreciate any comments from AOL members to enable me to make an informed choice.

  RobCharles1981 11:40 18 Sep 2007

One Word - Crap

Customer Service - Crap

Connection Reliable and Speed - Crap

I've changed to Virgin-Media and its so much better than AOL and least your Speaking to UK and not India!

I've just switched onto the £14.99 2mb Deal

Hope this helps
Good Luck

  rdave13 12:04 18 Sep 2007

I've been with AOL for five years and find them ok. Never use the live help if I have an issue but use their telephone service. It's been a while since I've used that as well.
Customer services based in India, I believe, and the three times I've had issues, in the last 5 years,they've sorted them out.
Connection and speed have been reliable.
If your exchange isn't LLU for AOL then their basic bb package will cost a fiver more. Note also you'll be tied to an 18 months contract.
Overall quite happy with their service.

  Marko797 12:21 18 Sep 2007

Bn with AOL since 'whenever', no problems at all. Live help very useful facility, and has successfully solved problems for me in the past. No complaints.

  mymate 12:36 18 Sep 2007

I have been with Aol for about 4 years and had no problem with them.I dont use their software to get on the internet as all those pop ups were driving me crazy.

  ened 12:58 18 Sep 2007

So you can set up the connection manually, but are there any issues with not using their browser?

Can you access your mail using Outlook Express?

  Diemmess 14:55 18 Sep 2007

Like most other Aol users I have never used anything else after a first useless experiment dial-up to Compuserve!

I (believe) you can sign up with Aol and not use their software. Instead use IE and OE as with most other ISPs.
Doing that to me, is like keeping the bathwater and throwing out the baby!

The chief attraction of Aol to me has been the constancy of the connection and provided I follow Aol's own methods, little fuss in setting up or using it.
I think it uses IE underneath, but the labels and various screens are Aol's.

My contract has long since run out so I could leave at any time, but their Silver service gives me 1Gbps @ £9.99/month.
It has certainly paid me to haggle from time to time.

Aol recently has upped their minimum contract for newbies from 12 to 18 months but that happened too late to affect my sub.

  Diemmess 15:02 18 Sep 2007

Promised high speed connections are one thing, but if your line does not allow it ---- big mistake.
My rural line has a max for me of just over 2Gbps so paying only for a lesser speed is no problem.

  SB23 15:13 18 Sep 2007

I've been with them now for just about 5 years, and have had very few issues.
Whenever I have had to contact them, they have been very helpful and have sorted my questions / queries out, with very little fuss.
In all honesty I wouldn't consider changing to another Isp.
With the "One Click Fixes" installed, any connection issues are normally sorted with a few clicks of the mouse. (Thats if I have any connection problems).
On the whole, I'm a very happy Aol customer!


  techie4me 15:55 18 Sep 2007

Some name them AOHell, i wounder why?

  ened 17:43 18 Sep 2007

I have just read this thread:
click here

I would also be interested to know if it is considered better to install and use the AOL software.

Is it possible to just download the browser?

Do they offer resources other isps don't (somebody once mentioned a library but that might have changed)?

I would like to explain that I have persevered with my present isp through the most dire of circumstances because I do not like to keep changing so I want/need to find out as much as possible, before changing, in order (I hope) to be able to stay with the new one for sometime.

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