what about Broadband PAYG?

  hector 911 14:46 19 Apr 2004

I noticed that metronet are doing PAYG broadband?
At click here

what do you think!

  ardvarc 17:32 19 Apr 2004

I have been with them for 2 months now and they are a good reliable fast service. Have yet to have a bill over £14 a month. It pays to purchase a Mailbox @ £8+ per year for a PoP3 account that can be set up in Oulook Express so your mails never get to the web mailbox. You can also get a free firewall if needed. Just like a ordinary ISP PoP3 setup. You have to pay for line activation (2 days in my case) and also a ADSL modem. I bought the USB Speedtouch 330 that was recommended and was up and running in 3 days from order. If you intend to network then go for a Router.

  bruno 18:08 19 Apr 2004

I have been with them for 7 months now and have nothing but praise for them.On the two occasions I had to ring them I was treated extremely well and the problems were with my BT installation not theirs.They phoned me back both times after the event to see if I was OK.I did the same as advarc regarding mailbox and modem.Can'tspeak too highly of them.Highest bill so far under £12.50,and I use the internet more than I did my dial-up.Apart from the cost of connection and modem,it has cost me on average about 40 pence per month more than I was paying.

  Ranger 18:37 19 Apr 2004

I have to agree with the posters before me, I have been with them from just before Christmas and have also yet to get a bill over £14 and it's just as fast as the prvious provider I was with

  Dipso 20:57 19 Apr 2004

Been with them since July last year. Can't fault the service and my bills have never been more than £15.

OK, you have to find the connection fee but I recovered this in 6 months, was paying Virgin £24.99 previously.

Unless you are into heavy downloads, this is the ISP for you.

Even if you have a heavy month and reach the usage cap (note-not limit) the most you pay then is £23.99 + VAT.

  hector 911 15:09 21 Apr 2004

thanks for all the replies.
I've since taken this broadband service from metronet, seems what I need, plus their port995 service for e-mail.

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