Western Digital 1Tb MyBookWorld Network Hard Drive

  m800afc 14:42 09 Apr 2008

If you are considering buying a Western Digital 1Tb MyBookWorld Network Hard Drive, please read the attached links.
Title: Limitations related to the WD My Book World Edition hard drive.
Link: click here

Title: List of file types on a WD My Book World Edition that cannot be shared by WD Anywhere Access.
Link: click here

Title: WD Anywhere Access does not open a share with more than 1000 files or folders on a WD My Book World Edition hard drive.
Link: click here

The reason I suggest this is because I have spent the last two weeks trying to get the thing to work.
Western Digital say it is not recommended for backing up computers, because the largest data stream it can handle before dropping off the network is only 500Mb. Because it uses a dynamic IP address each time in comes back onto the network it will have a different drive letter. This means that any backup software you are using will fail to recognise the new drive letter and so will crash. The drive does not report an error. Western Digital also say that the drive frequently will have a transef rate of less than 150Kb/sec. A large computer drive will take many days to back up, assuming you have manually set a specific IP address in the network configuration.
More problems are encountered when trying to share files remotely. All of the common music and movie filetypes are restricted by built-in DRM. Ther are 37 Filetype exclusions. The DRM does not look for a "watermark" on the file. instead it blocks all files of that type. WD claim this is "Standard practice". I have some recordings made by myself, many years ago of a friends band. They have been copied onto my hard drive in MP£ format, and I am unable to send the music to its composer!

The advertising for this drive claims it is possible to "Watch your movies even when on vacation" and "easily share your photos and MP3's"
WD have acknowledged that the drive will not do this. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday to WD in the Netherlands and it is they who gave me the above links.

I purchased mine at PC World. I took it back today with hard copies of the WD documentation. The manager was astounded. We discussed the matter for nearly an hour, and he readily offered me a refund. He also gave me a small gift voucher for my "inconvenience. He promises to take the matter to the highest level within PC World.

I often criticise PC World, but on this occasion I am happy to report that the manager was as dismayed as me, by the difficulties in using this device. He was not aware of the problems, and has promised to tell me of the outcome of his discussions with senior PC World officials.

  Taff™ 21:39 20 Apr 2008

Well worth a bump - Think I saw something about this before in a rival mag but it`s worth following the links above to read more.

  wrg 12:27 27 Jul 2008

Wish I had read this before I bought mine. Absolutley awful product and not at all user friendly

  €dstowe 16:07 27 Jul 2008

I've had 2 Mybooks fail on me. Never again. Back to putting hard drives in a caddy myself.

  redheadpeter 16:13 27 Jul 2008

I bought one recently. It is tiny. No fan. Idiot proof (and I'm the idiot!)
It's expensive - but it's so cute I've given it prode of place on my desk!

  wrg 19:40 27 Jul 2008

I bought mine as I have 3 computers that I wanted to back up to this drive and I was sold it with its anywhere backup and was told I could access it via any machine on the network. Basically I cannot. I created folders and found I can only access them on the local machine an not over my network. Gutted as it cost me over £100. Can anyone suggest anything for me?

  Taff™ 06:15 28 Jul 2008

Take it back and get a refund?

  wrg 20:22 28 Jul 2008

Purchased it quite a few months ago, not sure if I could get a refund.

  m800afc 07:16 29 Jul 2008

It is always worth taking it back. It is not fit for purpose and was,I presume miss sold. Print out the documentation from the earlier links I posted and take them with you to the shop, or email them to the online emporium you bought from. Threaten dire prognostications. They may have had pevious bad experience with this product and may refund. Let us all know how you got on.

  robrecht 22:07 30 Dec 2008

The WD is indeed not dummy proof, it uses a stupid Drive letter to backup. When the ip-address is changed, everything failes. Performance is slow also... But I've managed to keep the thing up and running. When the ip changed, you can do some stuff, so the drive will be found again. If the drive letter changes, you have to remove the backup plan, then creating a new one, select the old backup-folder under the new drive letter and the thing piks up the old backup plan... But offcourse the backup tool needs to be re-indexed what takes again some few days... If I suggest that in my company, I think my boss send me to hell... Isn't that thing flasable with linux???

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