well done kodak refreshing to see

  ©®@$? 09:56 22 Apr 2004

i bought a kodak cx4230 camera,128 mmc,and docking station from dare i say it dixons..in july 2003

i had a problem, where the rechargable batteries would not hold a charge, the camera would keep reporting the battery was low, even when i tried charging it up...so i went back to dixons and they swapped the docking station..but same fault happened again..so went back to dixons, and said the camera must be faulty, they fobbed me off, and said i had to contact kodak..to cut a long story short, i basically said, wasn't much point me buying from you then was there, the reason why i bought this camera locally was for convienience of speaking to someone face to face if a problem arose..anyway, i contacted kodak, and they asked me to recondition the batteries, which didn't work..eventually they sent me some new batteries to try...well they only held 36 pictures, and then the battery warning light came on..so got back in touch with kodak...and they asked me to go through the RMA procedure, which was send proof of purchase...which i did..but then i had no reply, so had to get in touch with them again, they said they have not recieved it, so i sent it again...contacted them, they have not recieved it..so sent it for the third time, and guess what, yep they didn't recieve it..so i was pretty peeved off by this point..explined to them i sent it 3 times, they said they wil get intouch with there custmomer service team, to see if they can bypass the proof of purhcase stage considering i sent it out 3 times..they said they will replace the camera if its found faulty and give me an extra 3 month warrenty, i wasn't heppy about this...i said i will have a refund then, discontinued the conversation..2 days later i got a call back, saying they would offer me an upgrade cx 6330 camera..i said well i have got a docking station that i purchased the same time as the camera, will this work with the new camera..not it won't..so i said, if you can replace the docking station and upgrade the camera and give me a 12 month warrenty, as 3 months is not good to me...if you can offer me this ,then i will take it or i'll have a refund..they put this forward to there customer service team, and they called me back and said they can offer me a new cx 6330 camera, docking station 6000 and 12 month warrenty..just got off the phone with them now, and they have sent then new camera and docking station out, so should recieve that shortly..this process of sorting my camera out lasted for roughly a couple of months..but all has worked out fine...all i can say is fair dooze to kodak for keeping a customer and meeting their needs, instead of fobbing me off, and them loosing a unhappy customer..

p.s long winded i know,and there will be allot of typo's but i am not reading and correcting all this lol..

  Djohn 10:41 22 Apr 2004

Nice to hear ©®@$?. Well done for you and well done Kodak. I have the DX 6340 with docking station and it produces some excellent photo's. j.

  ©®@$? 13:40 22 Apr 2004

cheers m8

do you use rechargable batteries with that camera and if so do they hold a charge well..that is one of my main concerns because with the last camera it was terrible for killing off batteries, may have just been the camera that was at fault..but when i first got it, it worked fine, the battery charge lasted a while but once i recharged them they never charged fully and never held the charge..aslo my friend reckons its the batteries that are poor..

just recieved the docking station 6000 and the camera will be here tommorow hopefully..

  ©®@$? 13:42 22 Apr 2004

p.s yes well done kodak, but you have to have some good communication skills to talk to them on the phone, 99% of the time, they were foreign who asnwered the phone, and there is english is terrible nearly as poor as mine ;-)

  Djohn 14:11 22 Apr 2004

Yes the batteries are fine and will last for many weeks if not used or charged. I have only once pushed them to the limit and had well over 200 photo's some with flash and lots of use of the screen for checking.

I phoned Kodak when my camera first arrived to ask if it was OK to leave on the 6000 dock at all times when not in use, would it harm the battery. "No problem at all, that is one of the intentions of the dock so you know where your camera is and to keep it up to full charge".

I also bought myself a separate charger with 4 batteries for when going on holiday. I went to Blackpool last year, took the spare batteries and charger but never needed to use them. That was the mention in the first paragraph above of pushing to the limit, although I think it would have produced at least half as much again. j.

  ©®@$? 14:58 22 Apr 2004

thanks for that!

what i did find , and kodak clarified this with me..is that i don't use my camera that much, so it can be left to one side for a while..if the batteries are left in for a month without use, then they may have to be reconditioned, to get them to work properly again...kodak told me that..so my question to you, do you leave the batteries in when it is not being used, or do you use your camera often and not left to oneside for a month..think i will be taking the batteries out this time when i'm not using it, just to be ont he safe side

  ©®@$? 12:23 23 Apr 2004


the camera arrived today, but only the camera, it was warapped up in bubble wrap...not boxed and no accessories,only the camera

when i sent back, everything, the usb lead, the video lead, wrist strap, box etc

i only received the new camera..so have spoke to them, and they said they will escalate this to custmomer service

and the software that comes with the docking station is missing and also the stand that stands the docking station up...

ah well

  spuds 15:50 23 Apr 2004

I have a Kodak DX3700, which was one of those problem priced internet offers from Kodak. The Kodak batteries would not hold the charge, and have been replaced by Kodak on three occassions. Kodak even had the camera sent away for testing and repair. The final outcome was that the camera and docking station was okay, it was just the poor quality of the rechargables. This point about Kodak supplied rechargable batteries has been aired on various forums including PCA's. My suggestion, buy some replacements of better and higher spec from click here

  Djohn 17:28 23 Apr 2004

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you ©®@$?. No, I just leave it on the docking station all the time. Left it for over 3 months on one occasion then used it without problem.

It's been in the car for the past 6 weeks with the batteries left inside and not used, just brought it inside today and sat it on the docking station for charging, still using the original Kodak Batteries as well although I have a spare set of 4 as mentioned in one of my post above.

All software/Firmware updates and applications can be downloaded from their site. click here The Kodak software for photo display is rather large though and needs B/B connection. If your not on B/B ©®@$? let me know, I will download and post to you. j.

  ©®@$? 18:21 23 Apr 2004

spuds , yes they last lot i had , i had 3 sepearte rechargable batteries and they all failed

Djohn thanks for that...i have a BB connection, thanks for the offer, have you updated the firmware on your camera and is it worth it cheers

  ©®@$? 18:22 23 Apr 2004

ah i have just remebered something, i recorded some video with the camera before, and when i played it back it had no sound....this camera is capable of catching vid and sound...is there a setting or anything, or does the sound only play back wehn you copy it over to the computer, ofcourse i cannot try that out yet ;-)

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