Well done, Evesham!

  Biggles no more 16:14 10 May 2003

On the afternoon of the 28th April, my son went into the Evesham shop in Croydon and ordered a new PC. Not a bog-standard version, but with some upgrades. Two days later, on 2nd May, it was shipped and it duly arrived the very next working day, the 6th May (allowing for a three day holiday weekend), in perfect working order.

So, three working days from order to arrival. After some of the horror stories I have read, this must be a shining example of a manufacturer providing a first class service.

One thing arising, however. The Evesham setup instructions give a step-by-step guide after first switch on. Step three takes you to the screen requiring the insertion of the Product Key, but this screen did not appear. Although the number is on the top of the tower unit, he cannot find anyway to input it. There is no product activation option (as shown in the Help screen) so how can he register it? He is told in the Evesham instructions not to install any hardware until he has registered WinXP (Printer, scanner etc), so can anyone tell us how he can do this, please?

  powerless 16:24 10 May 2003

Evesham activate the machine for you. If your son ever does a format of the computer he will then have to reactivate the computer, its painless and takes seconds. Entering the Product key will also have to be done. You cannot use Windows without a product key again all this has been done for you. Just caary on using the new puter' biggles (well your son).

  Djohn 16:28 10 May 2003

It may be that Evesham have already activated the O/S to the PC, if this is the case then it is ok to go ahead and install drivers/programs.

I installed XP Pro. last week along with Office XP and several other M/Soft programs, all work fine, I just get a reminder from the Sys. tray that I have X number of days left before I need to "Activate".

The reason I have not done so is to make sure everything has settled down and working correctly. Then all you need to do is click on the activate button, while you are on-line. Everything is done automatically for you.

If you have a problem in doing it this way, give them a call and it will be done over the phone for you. All without speaking to anyone, just a matter of keying in to your phone a series of numbers and then writing down the automated reply.

This will be in several blocks of numbers which you key into your PC, and that's it! Job done. J.

  bfoc 19:12 10 May 2003

Powerless is quite correct the machine is 'pre-activated' and it is only if you have to re-install XP that you would have to activate it in line with what Djohn says.

Hope your son enjoys his new machine!

  ams4127 20:37 10 May 2003

There's something strange here! My new Evesham, received last Tuesday, had to be activated. I did it exactly as Biggles no more said, as part of the initial setup instructions. It's no big deal - I had to do it several times on my last machine having gone a tweak too many!

I am much more concerned that there is no documentation about the DVD writer. How am I supposed to know what type of disks it uses? DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW or even DVD RAM? I am awaiting replies from Evesham support.

  Biggles no more 16:23 12 May 2003

As I said, the Evesham instructions definitely say you DO have to activate the machine and insert the Product Key, but I cannot find anyway of doing it. I had hoped that I would not have to get involved in National rate computer helplines (having not needed them for years), but it would seem that I will have to resolve this or my son will never stop worrying about it. He is worried something "serious" has gone wrong!

On this point, the system has Ahead Nero, which I assume is the CD burner. He opened a file titled NERO IMAGE DRIVE and, apparently, it asked him if he wanted to install it. This confused him as we both thought all this software was pre-installed. No knowing anything about it, he selected the 'no' option as he wanted to learn more about it. Now, he cannot open the file as he gets an Error Message telling him the Nero ImageDrive Driver is absent and he should reinstall the program. Since he did not delete anything, neither he, nor I, understand this message. Thinking the easy was would be to reinstall the program, I put the CD for Ahead Nero in the CD drive, but it does not auto-run. So, I chose the RUN option, but it still will not install, even when setup.exe is selected. ImageDrive is not on the list of contents of the CD.

Can anyone guide us out of this maze of confusion?

  hoverman 16:40 12 May 2003

I am a bit puzzled as to why you are required to activate XP. I bought a new PC from Evesham just under a year ago and I queried activation with their Support. Their reply was that it had already been done when the software was installed.

  powerless 18:49 12 May 2003

If you are using Windows XP on your sons computer (you are doing) Then the Windows Product key has been already entered. Windows will not allow you to use or even install Windows without inputting the product key.

So the Windows product key has already been entered.

Windows Product Activation - Has a 30 day limit meaning that in 30 days (from the install of XP) Windows XP will not allow you to use it. You be asked to Activate Windows by phoning Microsoft.

Nag, nag, nag, nag - The Windows Product Activation will nag you to activate windows with a little pop up in the bottom right. If you are not seeing this then windows has been activated.

Can i check to see if Windows has been activated?

Yes you can, first connect to the internet - Now follow this path...

Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Product Activation - Click this.

Now a window will pop up saying "Windows is already Activated. Click OK to exit."

Ahead Nero is the CD burning software. As this is a brand new computer Phone evesham up and they will assist you - they are very helpful.

  bfoc 19:10 12 May 2003

1. That usually an Evesham computer is activated, at least the last 3 I set up were, though there might always be exceptions! If it were not activated you would be 'nagged' at to do so. If there is no nagging warnings, you can be pretty sure there is no problem. If you (or your son) want further reassurance I'm sure Powerless's advice will be good.

2. Nero is also usually installed and ready to go, but there might well be an 'image' on the machine so a re-install could be done if needed. That may have become corrupted when it was halted. Is Nero installed and working on the system?

If you don't want to spend time on the phone with Evesham (though they are not at premium rate) they do operate an e-mail system which should be able to answer all the questions, but it does take 2-3 days. Alternatively you could post your questions to [email protected] which, from postings here, gets a pretty fast response.

Getting a new computer can be a bit daunting, as can dealing with questions at 2nd or 3rd hand, but I'm pretty sure that nothing your have outlined is any way seriously problematic!

  reddwarfcrew 19:27 12 May 2003

.... to balance things out.

I order my new PC (standard build apart from a slight change to ram) on 17/04/03, as yet no pc.

Now the problem has been that they kept refusing my visa card. In fact they told me that barclaycard (BC) were declining it. On speaking to BC, they said there had been no attempt to claim the cash, so they hadn't refused any payment.

After many phone calls to Evesham and BC it finally turns out that my delivery address has an extra line than my BC address, so Evesham were decling it on fraud. Fair do's, but a little over cautious, surely as long as the house number and postcode match, the rest is irrelevant.

The problem was that apart from the first email saying my CC had been declined I had no communication from Evesham, even thou they promised to get back in touch if they were still having problems. I was quite dissappointed about this and I must have made about 6 phone calls and a few emails.

Finally on 06/05 the payment appeared on my BC account under awaiting authorisation, this is still the case today so god knows what BC are now playing about at. My CC expires in 06/03, so the rate I'm going I can see it all going pearshaped.

All in all, I could understand Eveshams stance with fraud, but it is too cautious and I have no problems with them not shipping until they've got the cash, but I am disappointed with they're communication.

One question, if I walked into a shop and bought a PC to go there and then, would they let me do it even though they wouldn't know if the payment had cleared?

  bfoc 22:42 12 May 2003

It sounds to my untutored eye that the fundamental problem may be a computer/human interface problem! At some point the check is made to see if the delivery and cardholder address matches and if not the computer brings up a problem. At that point the human operator should be able to resolve things sensibly. The fact that they do not is either down to not caring or the procedures not allowing them to.

I'm in the middle of complaint to a bank about using switch to pay for a car. I arranged in advance the payment, stating how much, on what date and from whom the request would be made and what for. I confirmed it again on the day. When I paid, the garage had to phone for authorisation. I was then asked to give my full account password to the garage receptionist to pass to the authorisation centre to pass to the bank! Needless to say I refused and the disagreements started. At the moment everyone is blaming someone else. The stupid thing is that my switch card even has my photograph on it, and I'm pretty unmistakeable. Unfortunately not in a good looking way!

So finding out at which stage of the process the mess up occurs can be difficult.

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