Well done Comet

  wherty 19:40 17 Sep 2009

My daughter bought a Humax Freeview Playback Digital TV Recorder ((PVR-9150T) from Comet about three months ago. It recently went faulty - no picture and unable to tune. We returned it to Comet who said they would need to test it and could we please observe this taking place.

It was proved to be faulty and a new boxed replacement was given.

I appreciate that is what we resonably expect but it is not always the case in practice.

Well done Comet!

  spuds 22:25 17 Sep 2009

At three month old, that's the least that they could do under consumer law.

Looks like they are beginning to get their act together!.

Personally I still refuse to use the 'new' Comet company, through a very bad customer relations exercise.

  ened 06:31 18 Sep 2009

I suppose they did have to test it but it does sound a bit like they didn't trust you.

Amazon would have taken you at your word and you would have had a replacement within two days.

I'm afraid I agree with spuds on this: it will take some convincing before I give them any of my dosh again.

  birdface 10:31 18 Sep 2009

They took My granddaughters laptop back sent it away and returned in good working order so no complaints there.
While in there there was another customer complaining about the washing machine that they had bought the previous week was not working as it should and I think that they were looking for a replacement for it.You will be charged so mutch for them taking the old one away and will have to pay delivery charges for the replacement so you can imagine the arguments that followed.I already paid a delivery charge for the first one why should I have to pay for the replacement as well.And so it went on.
No way the store or customer was going to back down.So no idea as to what the final outcome was.
My sympathies were with the customer I thought the staff were rude and unhelpfull but then I did not know all of the facts.I suppose the raised voices may have put a few other cutomers off from making any puchaces.

  ened 11:17 18 Sep 2009

It has been my experience that when you go in because you need a matter putting right the instinctive reaction appears to be to try to find some reason wht they shouldn't.

In my case I stood my ground and the matter was satisfactorily resolved, but how many people will go away unsatisfied, probably (Through ignorance) having lost their legal rights!

  oresome 12:00 18 Sep 2009

I returned a twin pack wireless phone / TAM after several months that developed a fault and had it replaced with a smile. No hassle whatsoever.

Whilst not strictly necessary, it helps if you have the original receipt and packaging.

  Cymro. 12:03 18 Sep 2009

I suppose we can only speak as we find and I for one am very happy with customer service at Comet. I have bought number of things from them over the years and have never had any problems with them whenever I have had a faulty product. But then perhaps I was just lucky as it must depend a lot on who you happen to get on the other side of the counter or phone.

  ened 13:16 18 Sep 2009

Yor are of course absolutely right.

I can not speak too highly of the staff (Sales) in our local PCWorld - yet look at the abuse they get here. Mind you I have not had to take anything back ...yet!

The only thing I would say, however, is that I had an extremely torrid time with Comet in Truro a few years ago and found the attitude similar this year in another town.

  spuds 15:40 18 Sep 2009

Are you talking about the old Kingfisher group owned Comet, or the 'new' ownership Comet. I too have made many purchases possibly worth £thousandsfrom Comet, commencing from the very early days when a poloroid photograph was taken of the person presenting "those new fangled plastic cards" instead of cash.

On the day that I stated that I would never use Comet again (and I haven't), it was due to extremely poor customer service, both from head office and our local store. On that last occasion, I wanted a printer rather urgently, so I checked the internet. Comet had the printer that I wanted, so I made a call to their tele-sales for further confirmation. I was informed that I could collect the printer from the local Comet store, and whilst I was on the telephone, the tele-sales arranged this. I was told a printer was reserved and details were printed off the computer. Arrived at store, staff were shown printed information, and I was duly given said printer. At the checkout, they refused to honour the price that I had been quoted. Duty manager wouldn't budge and was very arrogant, so I left the store without said printer.

Two doors away was a PCW store, so not wanting to waste a journey, I asked if they would honour the deal at the price given by Comet tele-sales. No problem, and I became the owner of another printer and satisfied PCW customer.

Contacting Comet head office regarding this incident, their customer service response appeared to be one of 'tough' and company policy (the customer didn't stand a chance)!.

That paid off, because it as lost them many sales, both from my family and friends who have had similar disagreements with the 'new' Comet and their marketing and staff management.

  Cymro. 17:15 18 Sep 2009

The new one.
I bought a telly there a few weeks ago and our old telly was also bought there. I had a problem with the Sky+ code for the remote control. Sky were no help so I Emailed Comet and they answered with the required code the next day.
Good enough for me any day.

  pagnor 23:56 11 Oct 2009

I got an acer desktop on 22 august this year, and tonight it just died on me hard drive is caput. Got it from Comet. Will be going to Comet at 9 am to see if i can have it replaced as i use it for work at home.....

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